Day 22 Just tell them

24 01 2013

I had one great day I drove every where but I got to eat lunch with a friend of mine from Jr. high. She is an amazing women who we shared a lot of life with. Let me preface before people freak out that it was not a date. She has an amazing husband and two children we wanted to catch up. I did most of the talking which I m sorry for but next time I will shut up. I made a promise to myself  this year to tell the people that have mattered most in my life how important they were to me and thank you. Don’t feel left out I haven’t got to everyone!!

After our 1.5 conversation I apologized for my crap, and thanked her for her friendship. I also told her that I was sorry that I never asked her out and she probably thought something was wrong with me because I never did. I will say that I had a huge crush on her and even though we shared a lot of things I never got the courage up to tell her or even explain why I didn’t. The biggest reason is my self-esteem has always been in the gutter. If came to telling someone off I was great at that but couldn’t say the good which brings me to the blog.

Just tell them! I mean the good stuff to a total stranger of that friend of 5 years of that person that you don’t know but you always think good thoughts about them. Yes even that person your thinking of now. Why when we have to tell someone something bad it just rolls off my tongue or yours, but when we want to tell someone your a great person, thank you for always being so happy, your hair looks great, your smile is contagious why won’t we. Or if you think they maybe hurt, scared afraid if I say something or they may reject me. All of these things are possible but what if the reverse happens. What if you saved that person, what if you made their day, what if your compliment changes their life. What if you tell someone how they mean to you and it changes your life. See free will works both ways. People always say that life turns out the way its supposed and I say yes and no. What if you would have said I think your amazing. Does your life change? People say well you wouldn’t have your kids that you have now, you wouldn’t have the life you have, but I would have another life it could be worse, better different kids. MAybe if we would have said something to that person our life changes for the better. Just something to ponder!

All I know that I m trying everyday to say something good to someone else because bottom line they need to hear it. I do get scared and fearful because I hate rejection. So far not one person has rejected me, or my compliment or my thank you. So I m going to make my amends, and I m going to say goods things because I love watching peoples faces light up and then my does too.

Thanks again to my friend for lunch and my friends that I will have lunch with in future!!

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