Day 1523 Who are you when the door closes

26 04 2017

It was 76 degrees at 9:00 am this morning. At 12:00 it was 61 and now its 52 with a low of 45. Friday it will 90. I can’t change my underwear as fast at the weather changes in the beautiful state of Texas.  If you’ve never been to Texas make sure to get some BBQ and Mexican food it may give you gas but its worth it I promise!

I hate surprises when it comes to people. I would rather you be yourself from jump than pretend to be someone you’re not. I would never ask you to be like me and just put yourself out there from the get go. If you know me I’ll say just about anything, I volunteer information you probably didn’t want to know, I’ll let you know my faults, Ill tell a joke that might cause you to gasp, if the moment calls to cry with you I can and will, if you need me to defend you, I might lose my crap and get angry. I’ve been told and asked do you try to scare people away  before they get to know you? No I just want you to get to know me sooner than later. If you don’t like me you can move on and not waste time or say this is someone I want in my life forever. I want real! In any friendship or relationship there’s always a probationary period 1 month to 9 months. You kind of get a pass but we are who we are. What do you think is going to happen when people see the real you? I mean really think  about it if you become the bride or groom of chucky after 6 months do you think your relationship is going to flourish.

I have friends right now that long relationships are ending for the following, they were a drinker and hid it, one guy had kids that he never said anything about, another a porn addiction, one she sniffs markers when her kids go got school and passes out but gets up in enough time to still be mom and get the house ready. Another had an anger problem and she never knew he had until the first time she questioned him.  When you go home and close the door who knows that person.

Do you allow people to see the real you or do you put on a show? Do you exhaust yourself so much trying to prove you’re a great Christian, or mom, dad, friend but when you get home all hell breaks loose. The door closes behind you and your Halloween costume comes on. Being real is rare. I don’t have many friends, lots of people who claim to be friend but I have heard you are like nobody I’ve ever met. I always say thank you I wear that proudly. I tried to be a famous actor, and put my Halloween costume  on for people. It drove me to the point to try to take my life. I hope never again. I want you to like me but if you don’t its okay too. I’m not everyone’s cup of tea but I might be the best cup of tea you’ve had.

PS: Your closet door is open:)


Day 26 Surprise or not

27 01 2013

I went from not knowing what to do to have a packed weekend. My buddy Scott had an interview and had to stay in Austin. Friday night I went to a relationship class called Understanding men. It was a coed class and I learned a ton. The one thing I think that women have no idea about men is that we are very fragile. We are built to be strong and we are but your words can crush us or make us feel like were on cloud nine. A compliment for a man can go on for three months if you tell him your proud of him and see if he doesn’t change. It’s not about who does it first or who continues it but you will see a change.  There is about this between men and women called  Love and Respect by Eggerichs. If a man knows you respect him he will do anything for you but let him believe you don’t and he stops dead in his tracks. He may not even know it. I encourage married couples, single, new relationship to try a class. If you’re doing everything correct you’ll know for sure but if not we can always learn something.

I get a call from my daughter at 11:10 Friday night and she’s crying. I was panicked and she said ” Mommy is getting married”.  (Surprise or not I knew this was coming)I gathered myself and told her that we had already discussed this and as long has mommy was happy that we have to be happy. This will never be the place to discuss this topic but it is difficult on my daughter which then becomes my problem too. Good luck to us all!!

I spent yesterday morning working and then spent the afternoon at Ambit energy simulcast. It is one amazing company that is the 7th fastest growing company ever. The ethics and morals of the company will take it to the best ever and I am so glad to be a part of it. After the event we had a team dinner and I was motivated and the excuses were killed by the leaders. It’s always good to be in a room of can do and not I can’t. I went to Winstar after that and enjoyed the tables and slots for a bit and actually did okay.

Finally I’m a retired Rugby player. My body has had enough and finally I’m smart enough to listen to my body. I went back to Rugby for the wrong reasons. 1. I was lonely and wanted to be with a group of guys that I at least had something in common with. 2nd I felt like I had to prove something to myself after the way I left the field injured. I did all the proving I need to that in 8 months I walked back out there after a severe broken leg. I’m finally maturing so now I will use my skills to help run the club from a board perspective.

Keep reading I’m going to talk about that I believe can change lives. Every chapter is only three pages and so freaking powerful.


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