Day 1544 Superman needs to wash his cape

17 05 2017

Hi Blog world well its Texas so you know its hot and humid. You walk outside after a shower you smell like a wet puppy and your pores look like clear plastic bowls. At least you can get a good tan and the smell of cooked bacon is rampant.

A sincere thank you for those who read my thoughts. To be honest it feels good when someone tell your thoughts, or being authentic and real helped me. Men don’t do what you do so you provide hope! When I die I hope the line is out the door and every person would say, he loved me, he was weird, honest, real and he provided me hope on my worst days. If that happens I left behind an amazing legacy. If I haven’t  yet I hope to do that soon.

Super man had a cape a pretty cool cape actually. Superman was 6th Halloween costume and when it was over I still wore the cape Sometimes I was clothed and sometimes I wasn’t but that’s another blog. The point is once I put that cape on I could do anything, I could fly, rescue my dog, bury my hot wheels deep in the dirt and find them, almost catch a squirrel, for 5 yards I was faster than a car. Point is with it on I could do anything it was my badge of honor. It had to be washed sometimes because it went everywhere with me and it went from  red to a dark brown. When I took it off I was just Normal Jason Tyler Wood. Nothing to save, no super hero, no one to cheer me on. So I needed the cape I thought.

10 years old my dad came to me and said son you’re the man of the family. I put on a permanent cape but I didn’t know it at the time. I put on a cape because my dad donated his to me. It was my badge, it was me rescuing everyone, me saving everything that need to be saved, me putting the world on my shoulders. A 10-year-old boy  trying to figure out a world but I didn’t even know how to shave. I wore it well though, my parents were proud of me told me I was doing a good job. I couldn’t let them down, I couldn’t take my cape off and wash it. I mean my family and world needed me. I couldn’t let myself down. This imaginary cape I was wearing my identity. I should be a 10 year old boy doing 10 year old boy stuff. I was busy trying to be responsible all the time, fixing adult problems and figuring out a way to get my family out of the hell it was in. At the same time developing an anger problem because I didn’t have the answers, fighting my way out of problems, loving people so they would love but knowing how to. I prayed people would like me and see what I was doing was awesome. They would shout my name to my greatness. I was creating the Tyler idol.

I could go through every year and tell you how I wore the cape without washing it,  how it was tattered, had holes in but I was going to retire it or even take it off. August 27th 2011 the cape fell without my wanting it to and I tried to take my life.  The cape and I ran out of answers. I looked at and wanted to put it back on but didn’t know how to tie it around my neck anymore. Who was I , I had no identity, my cape was destroyed but I didn’t know what to do without it.

The closer I’ve got to God I realize he’s my cape. I thought for the longest time he was my Kryptonite but I was so wrong. The problem is sometimes the 6-year-old boy comes out in me and I put on a cape. I try to rescue everything again, I want to save everything. I put everyone’s burden on me and then I trip over the cape.

I hope you get the story: I know to many people who wear capes everyday. Its tiring, it hurts and it makes life miserable. We weren’t meant to wear a cape, that’s for comic book hero’s.  Untie your cape, wash it, and put it in a nice box and store it. You don’t have to be Superman there’s  one superman and he will carry our cape.

No matter how strong you are it’s better to read about superman that carrying the burden of trying to be. This Halloween go as  adult superman and put on that cape enjoy it but then take it off and realize those days of pretending are over. Its time to live again.


Day 429 Waiting on Superman

17 03 2014

Day 429 Waiting on Superman.

Day 429 Waiting on Superman

16 03 2014

You know when you pull a pan out of the oven its hot well I guess I would test that theory without a pot holder. Guess what it’s still hot and I dropped the food and my fat bulldog got  a great dinner. I must be getting old!

Denton Rugby went and Played Fort Sill Military and we won 13-12 missing six starters. The win puts us in the playoffs as one of the top 4 teams in the state for D3. I’m excited to have the opportunity to win a state title in my last year and see what we can do from there.

Finally we went to the Perot Museum in Dallas on Saturday. Every other person in Dallas they should be there too. It is awesome and if you ever Dallas I highly recommend it.

Every little boy dreams of being a Superhero and then it dies when we become adult men. Or does it!!  I always talk about all the bad I have done through my blog but I have done a lot of good too. I guess because your supposed to I never want credit it for it. I have given much of myself to many people who have no idea where it came from because that’s what life is about. I always loved Superman he was a normal guy and knew that he was a hero. ( I think the reason I play Rugby is because Monday- Friday I’m Clark Kent and Saturday I get to be come Superman) I never wanted the cape I just wanted to be the one to pick someone up in my arms, put a smile back on their face, love someone when they felt nobody loved them, stop the person from hurting someone , putting hope back in the hopeless. What I wanted to give to others I hoped for myself. May sound dumb but life is better lived doing for others but sometimes we need our superman or our Angel. I actually heard a women say to her friend outside of her office building that I see quite often say she needed a copay of $50 to take her daughter to the Dr. She explained why and I thought here you go Tyler now do it.  She said it would have to wait until April when she got paid again before she could take her. So Thursday after 8 days of holding this gift card my chance came and I slid it under her computer and gently glided back to the main desk and told the lady upfront thanks for letting me sneak back. Today in church she happened to sit behind me and I heard her tell her mother that Angels are real and that Superman came Friday. I heard the whole story and sat and smiled and felt good about the fact that she never knew it was from me. I know sometimes we don’t help give or support someone because we believe it won’t be used right. Giving is done because one its our calling but it’s not up for us to judge what happens to it just give it.

I would never call myself an Angel or Superman but I bet if I look back at it I have had man Supermen or Superwomen bless me. Maybe we never have to wait on Superman if we are giving back in whatever way we can because we become the quiet Superhero for someone else. Giving, being angel, Superman, paying it forward, whatever you call it just do it. Never do it to get praise because God sees it and for a brief time someone else feels that warmth in their heart that escapes so many of us.

PS I could never really be Superman because I look horrible in tights! Don’t ask how I know that’s another blog!!


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