Day 1863 Screw your 3 step process

15 07 2018

Happy Sunday beautiful people. The great thing about Texas this time of year is when you grill you don’t have to light a fire just sit the food on the grill and the heat does the magic. Its 105 today! Im to old for this crap but hey my tan is coming along nicely. So let’s get to it

The one thing I believe that our world is lacking in is perseverance. What is perseverance .persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay. We live in a microwave society not a crock pot society. We put our life in for 30 seconds and at 25 seconds were like my God why is this taking so long. rather than sitting it simmer for 8 hours and tada we have a meal.

When life gets to hard people just quit.  If you want hope or anything worth something is going to have to hurt just a little at least. It  takes time, lack of understanding, suffering. Its watching the crock pot and it doesn’t even look like in the first 2 hours anything is happening. The best things in my life I have waited on. Now in the midst of waiting (I’m very impatient) i talked so much crap, got angry, cried and then boom. Like after my divorce I was like okay i thought I was supposed to be feeling better already. I mean I followed this 3 step process to getting better. Well hello there is no 3- STEP PROCESS FOR LIFE. What I did in my process is 99% going to work for you because you are not me and Im not you, I can’t help you understand what i felt in my process because it was mine not yours. So no matter what my intentions were there is no process. What I do know is that there was perseverance and when the after divorce light came on I was like I get it. If I would have tried to microwave my life I would have been divorced again because honestly my demons were still running rampant and I didn’t know it.

You every heard joy come sin the morning but in the small print it says this crap hurt or hurts really bad. Well Im in a stage of life where I put my life in a microwave, I’ve had to  pull it out of the microwave and put it in the crock-pot turn, it on and leave it. This has been very painful but I remembered there is no 3 step process, and it will hurt, but the outcome will be exactly what it should be.
Stop looking for easy. Learn to be perservant and not quit. the best things in life are earned through hurt, pain, being uncomfortable but the joy does come in the morning and I’m living proof of that.

Love you and until my hands are ready to type again.



Day 77 Power of the P

7 11 2012

Election is over! This country is so divided right now. Everyone please pray for the president and let’s make this economy better.

I miss taking naps. I know in Europe they do it a lot and they have the right idea. I never have appreciated naps until now. When I was in Kindergarten I would get up from my nap and take everyone’s cookie from their stuff while their sleeping. I guess that’s why now I m being punished for the  past cookie burglaries I can never get a nap. I need one badly.

I m not sure what part of the country you read this from but I need it to be cold. We never have seasons really in Texas I m not sure why I complain. I would like it to be cold so we could start getting in the holiday spirit. Coffee, soup, and Hot chocolate taste better when its cold. I m just saying.

The Power of the P is the Power of Perseverance. I believe more than anything is life that we have to have to be happy and successful is perseverance. If it’s following God, having a happy marriage, having level 10 friendships, dealing with our kids to get them through the toughest years. There are so many times where we would like to throw the towel in and many times we have. Think what has happened when we have done that and how damaging it was to us.

Booker T. Washington: Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which they have overcome.

We have to go through discomfort to reach the level in life it takes to succeed. Please let me know if this is wrong, but I believe,

Our life’s journey is about, progress and not perfection, it’s not about doing one thing 100% it’s about doing 100 things 1% better, everyday it matters that you show up for your life  whether you feel like it or not, The inches will turn into miles.

I got this poem my Freshman year of high school. IT was sitting at my desk in home room and to this day I have no idea wh0 it came from, ironic thing this poem author is unknown as well. I always keep this with me and its truly the power of perseverance

Don’t quit,

When things go wrong as they sometimes will;

When the road you’re trudging seems all uphill;

When the funds are low, and the debts are high;

and you want to smile, but have to sigh;

When care is pressing you down a bit-

rest if you must but don’t you quit.

Success is failure turned inside out;

The silver tint of the clouds of doubt; and you can never tell how close you are;

It may be near when it seems so afar.

So, stick to the fight when your hardest hit-

It’s when things go wrong, that you must not quit

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