Day 99 Yes we are that stupid

28 11 2012

It was check day for the subs. I love this day because I actually feel like I m doing something to help people out. I also got to interact with a property inspector for the city this guy was kind of pleasant but good lord they have great job security. Lets just say I was very nice and kept my mouth closed. Which is a big change.

My morning men’s group was very interesting today about how men are warriors but when we become that man we are brought to our knees by women and society. I ll blog about it later but lets just say it was very intense. It wasn’t a bashing session it was just the truth.

I also had counseling today. I swear I get so drained and torn but I always come out feeling like the lessons from the last time were worth all of it. We covered dating and what that should mean for me. I think I finally have a clear picture of what that means and how I need to do it.

If money was no object what would you do? This isn’t a question we should ignore. I think its one question that when we answer it our life can start moving in the direction we want it to. Have you ever been around that person that is doing what they want no matter kind of money they are making. I’m so jealous of that person because I can’t or won’t do what it takes. This all came up today because of this 3 minute video from today.

What if money was no object

How would you enjoy spending your life, but because how we were raised and our education system we are taught go to college, work for the man and live comfortably. Typically we are always miserable and graduate with a degree we didn’t want in the first place or we cant use it. We need to do what makes us happy. Alan watts says a very profound statement. Do what you want  forget the money, if you say getting the money is the most important then your life will be a waste of time. You’ll be doing things you don’t like doing in order to go on living doing things you don’t like doing. It’s stupid. Its better to have a short life doing what you like doing rather than a long life spent in a miserable way.

After all if you like doing what you’re doing eventually you will master it and then you will get a good fee for it.. We do this daily and then we do this to our children and let them watch us do this so they can do it to their children. What do you desire?? It can’t be greed it has to be doing what we know makes us happy and helping others. We need kindness and heart.  We have to stop being machines based on what we are told and take that mustard seed of faith. Bring happiness to ur self and its okay to be afraid that just means that confidence is on the other side.


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