Day 1656 My book is finally here

17 09 2017

After 2.5 years my book is finally here and published. Never in my life would I thought I could say I was a published author or hey go to amazon and buy my book.

I would ask you to please buy one. Even if you don’t like to read please purchase and give it away. I truly believe someone can be helped from it.

Here are a few links to buy the book:

What I want to write about is my process to writing this book. I had to go through a lot of memories that you think okay I dealt with this I’m done with it. Then we have to go back to those memories to get the book write. I have cried, laughed, smiled, frowned. Thought for hours on in, how Im still alive, missed my mom, thought about failed relationships, my kids,  my relationships, people who have left me,  people who i questioned why they were in my life. This book is one of my greatest accomplishments.  It was hard, i quit for a year (who would read this), I couldn’t believe I took so long and let my mom down.

Bottom line we did it. I’m a published author and that cannot ever be taken away from me. I hope you can help me help others. My first goal is to sell a 1000 books. We will change goals after that.

This blog has been a part of my journey now for 5 years. It has helped me in so many ways. I have people from all over the world that follow this and have encouraged me. I can’t thank you enough for following me, helping me encouraging me and only God knows where we go from here.

Thank you again. Love you all very much


Day 860 This is how I know God is real

4 06 2015

My babies  go home tomorrow but I got to spend the last week of school with them. I will have an 8th grader and a 1st grader next year. it’s passed so quick but I couldn’t be more thankful where we are in our life. Here’s to everyone having a great summer with sunburns and late nights.

February 29th 2008 (yes a leap year) the beginning of the end of a friendship. My partner in crime since 1997 who I had done everything with and that means everything. We had laughed , cried, done things to other humans that was just flat wrong but mostly what we had was trust. Back in 2003 we started a business together and we said nothing would come in the way of our friendship. Little did we know that we had put God on the back burner and we let pride, ego, fame, glory and the almighty dollar come between us and everything that mattered. We had built our families together, we shared deep dark secrets and created our own. We worked 90 hours a week, never had  priorities straight, we neglected those closest to us and we slowing then quickly  started hating everything about each other. When we had a chance to verbally hurt the other, we did, when we should have stood up for each other, we didn’t, and when both of us were unraveling we let the other unravel and took joy in it happening. So February 29th 2008 we parted ways and that part was to never speak to each other again. I’m not sure we knew at that time but that was the last time we spoke for almost 4 years. In that time frame I actually thought seriously of how I would run him over in a parking lot, beat him with a brick, or find someway to inflict the most pain I possibly could. After talking with him the thought was mutual. To think of someone who you would do anything for that you would do anything to hurt them shows just how to people can derail so far in life.

When life takes it all from you and you have no others way to go but up you start in the hell of getting better or the hell of staying the same. I had heard he had got serious about God and I was at the point of not giving a crap about God. There were times that I would think man Jim would get that joke or I wish I could just be myself around someone. One month before I officially found out my marriage was in trouble I saw a post on Facebook that Jim’s youngest son was deaf. I felt like that this was my window to reach out so I did. I just sent him a message and asked if their was anything we could. He asked if we could meet up in Dallas. So much of me wanted to say yes but I wanted to say no. In July 2011 we met at the Spring Creek barbecue in Dallas. When we met each other at the door we hugged like we had both just been brought back from the dead.. We looked at each other and said whats done is done. Lets move  forward. When my life hit the skids guess who was there it was Jim and his family. When I wanted to quit he wouldn’t allow it, when I wanted to give up it was I don’t think so. When I cried I cried to him. In turn I was able to help him heal and talk about things that he never had but was finally able to be himself. The relationship  was what I had always hoped it would be.  Things have only gotten better. there has never been a feeling of animosity or hate or disgust about our paths.

How do I know God is real: Today we made it official and proof that God allows people to change and forgive if you want it to be God’s will and not yours. I went to work for Jim today as his General Manager. We were humbled and because of that some truly amazing doors are open. I love my buddy Jim and without a shadow of a doubt I know that until my last breath I have what God wants is that Level 10 friend that I would die and he for me. From wanting to kill someone to dying to make sure he and his family are taken care of is what God is all about. If you follow God’s will not your own Just remember Jeremiah 29:11

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