Day 1302 A BUT makes you a BUTT

8 09 2016

I miss writing so often but when the day ends there is not enough time or energy. I’m trying to make it a point to get back and blog. my mind needs the writers release. Even if nobody reads it, I still need it if that makes sense.

I have always defended myself even when it wasn’t necessary. I still do now because I still forget that I am worthy and I’m enough. That if I’m wrong I’m not that little boy who didn’t have his dad to guide my way so I had to be right or I was going to always make mistakes. I like to be right and who doesn’t but that’s an excuse. We were made not to be perfect but I keep thinking i have to always be perfect and if not I’ll argue with you until I am. The past 6 months have been filled with as many changes in my life than any other time. I’m trying to always be better but!!!! That word gets me always because I might agree with you but I need you to hear my side so you know that I’m okay. So Im still insecure, frightened, unsure, changing ball of a mess. I listen to God and then I stop listening and when I stop listening welcome to Tyler Wood and his interchanging “Buts”

Have you ever went and listened to yourself when you try to defend yourself. It sounds so stupid and when you’re having a good day you step back and say what in the hell did I do that for. What did it matter if I was right or wrong. I didn’t hear the other person, I probably hurt them and I didn’t listen to anything they said. All because Im so insecure, feel unloved, unattached from anyone or anything that I just need to be heard.

I was in an argument with my fiance and we were both wrong but God forbid if I actually shut up and not have to be the heavyweight champion of arguing. So I got the title that night and I hurt her feelings and made her feel that what she had to say wasn’t important. As soon as I said But i should have stopped because the moment I kept going I became a BUTT!

Im always a work in progress like we all are but if I have to  be the champion of But I will become the champion of the BUTTS too and I really don’t need another crappy crown.

We don’t always have to be right even when we are right. The BUT stops here. I hope it can stop with you too!

Day 35 What makes a women beautiful!!

4 02 2013

Well the super bowl commercials sucked. I liked the one about the Farmer from Dodge but other than that they sucked. I guess the Go Daddy commercial gives us nerds like myself a little hope. It was a great game but now the crappy part of the sport season start.

I m writing about women because I m sick of women thinking that the Barbie look is all that men want. As we get older I promise it changes. This is not just my thoughts I have taken a straw poll and the results are in. Yes all guys like boobs, butt and face. If one tells you that doesn’t matter he’s a liar or he doesn’t like women.

Here is what we want: We want beauty for sure but the beauty changes. We all know none of our parts are in the same place as in our 20’s, but we want to know that you at least try. We love that you put your makeup on, you smell good, you do your hair and you wear those cloths that we like. Its more than that too though. We love your hair in a pony tail, we like you in the baggy sweats, we like you without makeup on. There is nothing better to than to wake up next to a women and say wow your more beautiful than with makeup on. When you look wiped out from the kids at the end of the day, when you folding laundry or reading a book, or talking on the phone. Guys suck at telling you these things because were not good at compliments, not an excuse just something we struggle with.  You may have stretch marks, your boobs may not be where they were, you may have wrinkles or gray hair but  your beautiful because of how you treat us and that you think we mean everything to you. You have the power to helps us lift a building over our head or to crush us into a puddle of nothing. I’m sorry if you don’t  have a man who  thinks your beautiful but you are and never forget that. When you think you look your worst  you look your best the rest is just the icing on the cake.

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