Day 1807 the last 6 months

24 02 2018

Good saturday afternoon. This week in Texas we had a thunderstorm, ice and flooding all in one day. We are out of drought and now growing mosquitoes. Hold on my friends we might have snow before its all over.

As i sit and think about my dad today i remember the last 6 months of his life. Its the only time i got to know him. He told me the way he felt the day i was born, how he dreamed of me, how strong i was, how i always made him laugh. That besides my mom and sisters that we were the only good things that he did. His band he had in Germany, the way he felt when he drew and painted. How he and Buddy holly got in trouble. Why he started drinking, women he shouldnt have met. How he got scared, what he feared, when i first broke my leg how much he cried, when i took his alcohol away because he couldnt, when i shelled his peanuts so he wouldn’t go crazy when he stopped smoking.
The pride he felt when i walked across stage with my degree. The pain he felt when i looked him in the eye and he knew he didnt measure up, how much my mom was the greatest gift he had ever received. How much he loved my sister and asked me to promise to watch over until the day i die.
The final words i ever heard him speak were i wish i was half the man you were son and i love you please never forget that.

I ask you today if your relationship with your parents is on the outs, put down your pride and go to them. It took me 6 years after my dad died to appreciate the last 6 months he was with us but im so thankful i got to know him.
Take my advice not my pain. Go to them

Day 28 Cool Whip and Blue Balls

17 09 2012

Most of you probably thought something perverted. Shame on you because I m an angel and would never say or think anything like that. :}  I love cool whip! Might be the best food ever. I also looked at buying my daughter a blue soccer ball today. Now that we have that out of the way.

Tonight is the first official New Relationship Class at Gateway Church. I m looking forward to it so I can learn how to move forward and not screw up anymore relationships. The singles ministry at this church is amazing. It probably has over 500 people in it.

Got to have a great talk today with Jim and Scott. Its amazing how many of us men have issues with money and sex. Its great thought to have friends to hold you accountable. If you only talk about the Cowboys, weather and girls theirs so much more.

The richest person is the one who in contented with what he has. Robert C. Savage. One of our biggest fears for us humans is scarcity. Many of us are afraid of not having enough of whatever it is they need or want. and so we strive to get to some point in the future when we finally think we have enough.. We all fool ourselves into believing that one day we will have everything “all set” we will have all the money, possessions and love we crave. In all honestly we never really ever will have enough.. Abundance means that all things are possible and that there is more than enough of everything for everyone right here right now. I never would have bought stock in my life. I was a stock market crash waiting to happen. When it did  I had nothing and I mean nothing.. When I got to my knees not by choice I go t peace. The first time  in life that there was nothing to do  but be. I still have a ton of struggles but I m at peace. Being in the now allows  me not to find fault. Don’t float through your life completely detached from the past an blind to the future, but stop and feel like your feet are firmly planted and feel the peace.

Rule 7 and the rule I learned the hardest Others are only Mirrors of you. You cannot love or hate something about another person unless it reflects something you love or hate about yourself.. You have 4 minutes to make an impression if you like or dislike  someone.. Our reactions though are how we perceive our self. I will continue this more tomorrow.

Thanks for reading and pass this along. Love ya all

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