Day 1466 You better be good for goodness sake

26 02 2017

Good early Sunday morning.  My mind is still usually asleep  now but every now and then a good thought or at least a bunch of words pop into this brain. I miss football and pumpkin spice cookies, cardboard and any other thing in the world they made pumpkin spice.

Yesterday we had a memorial for one of our Rock Bottom brothers and speakers. In his celebration of life you see the good one person can do and it provides hope that if we continue to just what we need to do we can change our section of the world.

I was sent this today. I love when you get something from someone and it hits you right where you need it. We always want the dark to go away but there’s always a reason

I reached Wyoming’s Yellowstone Park late, much later than I had planned. The park was sprawling. I wasn’t certain how to find the lodge. I couldn’t find anyone to ask for help or directions. Tired and exhausted, I couldn’t make sense of the map. I found myself driving around and around, becoming almost frantic. Suddenly, beyond the treetops, I spotted a bright light. Good, I thought, it must be the lodge. I drove a little further, then stopped the car and stared in awe. What I saw stilled my heart, and calmed my frantic pace.

Above Yellowstone Lake, nestled between two mountain peaks, glowed a huge, white, full moon, the largest I’d ever seen it. The pines stood guard, quiet and still. A light layer of snow and ice frosted the lake’s surface. I pulled to the side of the road and watched the moon set. It was the single most beautiful, breathtaking scene of the journey.

 I would never have seen this scene in the daytime. I would never have seen this moon, had I not gotten lost. I would never have seen it, had it not been this particular time of night. So maybe I’m not lost, I thought. And maybe I’m not late. Maybe what I’m really doing is taking a beautiful evening drive.

 When we’re lost, when the way gets dark, sometimes we see things we never would have seen in the daylight. Sometimes, the lessons we learn in the darkness are breathtakingly beautiful.

 Enjoy the sunshine, but trust the darkness too. It is more than to be endured. It is to be experienced, and later cherished. I am faith-filled and fear-free because … I am diligent! I am patient! I am built for the victory!

 Bad is not going to leave you alone just because you are a good person. Bad makes its living trying to make you forget about what is good! Bad doesn’t care that you go to work on time, give to charitable organizations and help old ladies across the street. Oh no! What you call bad times, bad experiences and, sometimes, bad people are going to find their way into your life. Working its way into the lives of good people is what makes bad so bad!

 Bad is not going to pass you by because you read self-help books, have an I LOVE YOU bumper sticker on your car, own a string of prayer beads or know how to meditate. Get real! Bad is going to show up in any disguise available in an attempt to beat you up, knock you down, run you over and tear you apart. Good! Show bad that you are made of good.

 You are made of divine power! Infinite wisdom! Pure love and powerfully piercing insight! Show bad that you have unshakeable faith and staying power! Demonstrate to bad that you are put together with the unfathomable intelligence of the Chief Architect of the universe, who issued a lifetime warranty on the durability of your goodness. Ward bad off by showing it that you have everything you need, whenever you need it, to do whatever needs to be done. Demonstrate to bad that you know what to do by doing it! Put on your faith boots! Cover yourself with a faith shawl! Pull out your faith tools, and be willing to stand in the faith of good. If you feel a little weary, take a prayer break. Allow yourself to take a meditative pause. Indulge yourself with a deep breath and tune up your faith.

 Until today, you may have forgotten that you are good enough to withstand anything that you may call bad. Just for today, flex your faith muscles and shake your good fist in bad’s face. Today I am devoted to showing bad just how good I am!



Day 27 What is sleep?

17 09 2012

From my post you can tell I m tired. I went up and down Interstate 35 last night. This is how I clear my head. I wish I could do it in the daytime more people are awake. I didn’t get to bed until 4:45. So I m figuring out that I m to old to do that. The bags under my eyes look like I ve taken a two week vacation. Just a note also. There is as show  on Nickelodeon called  Fred. I can’t stand it. The kid is ugly and annoying. I was at least a cute fat kid that was doing the same stupid voice sorry to go on a tangent.

My daughter won player of the game yesterday in her soccer match. She was amazing and she is so fast. She’s 10 years old and 5-2 and one of the fastest kids on the field. I like it when she has confidence. Now if she can learn to be a little meaner we have a star in the making.  Also got to watch a future D-1 scholarship running back. He was 11 years old and had 200 yards rushing and 3 TD’s I had him sign a piece of paper just in case he makes it big time.

Also I finished my last day of P 90X. I ve always been n pretty chubby. I had muscles but they were hidden. If you want amazing results do P 90X get through the first two weeks its amazing.

P90X Works

To my friend Lance Waller. I appreciate the info you have given me about life and divorce. You have no idea how much it has helped. I keep having people that either I have never met or people that keep coming into my life. Thanks you all.

As usual another amazing day at Cross Timbers Church. The message series we are in is how is that working for? We talked about Jesus being our Dr.. He helps those with needs. The ones who miss the healing are hose who are proud and those who are hidden.

I fit that statement so well it was scary. I missed everything God was trying to help me with. A very proud and hidden man. It took me MANY tragedies to get to God. Death of my dad, business and personal bankruptcy, crushed friendship, loss of business and finally a divorce. I’m not what you would call a quick learner. If your breathing your a  broken person. When you think you have arrived Satan is choking you and your about to pass out.
Healthy people understand desperation and will raise their hand when they need help in desperation. The unhealthy never raise their hand.
As my friend whispered to me today thank God Tyler u raised your damn hand.

It was also pretty cool that yesterday I really struggled with my thoughts. I actually had two people yesterday remind me of my rules I  putting together. Especially rule 6. People using my own logic on me !

Finally if you don’t have children you will learn a lesson. Whatever you did as a child comes back to you in massive ways. My son wore me out this weekend. My mom was up and just said that is who you were and laughed. The laugh worried me. I must have been one giant pain in the ass as a kid.

Day 23 A really good Wednesday

13 09 2012

One of the best Wednesday in years. Its amazing what happens when you surround yourself with great people. Things fall in place when you allow them to and quit trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. I have a great set of  friends who hold me accountable and there’s not much more you can ask for. I wanted to thank some people who have bared their soul to me and offered anything to me with friendship etc. Lance, Tabby, Heather, Jim, Laura, Brain, Scott, Liz,  Chelsea and Ronnie.

I got flipped off today in traffic and honestly I didn’t get mad at all which is a change for me. It was funny because I went into a QT and this guy came up to me and said man I m so sorry for what I did. I said what are you talking about  he said I  flipped you off earlier. I told him no big deal man I hope your day gets better He said oh man thank you so much I almost shit myself when I got out my car and saw how big your pecks were. I guess size does a matter.

Life is so busy but never to busy to miss my kids. I only talk once or twice a day to them. It breaks my heart not to see them but I appreciate them even more when I have them. They are my world.

Relationships that work.- What I say doesn’t mean what it means to me. It means what it means to you.. Relationships are the joy and pain of life. No matter what the reason people seek counseling it using stems from a relationship.. For me it was anger, money, fear  that effected my ability to crush my relationships. Relationships are the only thing of eternal value in this life. All we take out of this world with us will be the relationships we take into eternity. Stuff doesn’t make you happy but a fulfilling relationship will. You cannot grow or develop with the foundation of relationships. I m sure you heard the scripture that as iron sharpens iron one man sharpens another. You cannot sharpen with just one. Relationships are built around communicating ,giving and receiving, of love, input, and acceptance.  All this takes risks and I can’t be more thankful for the steps taken to take the risk. I got honest and started trusting and life has opened up around me.

Become vulnerable you deserve it.


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