Day 1455 one more lift Tyler

15 02 2017

Hello! I just sang that in Adele voice! Here is another award-winning blog or at least  a bunch of words.

I write today to give you a story about overcoming.  It seemed like every year of high school I was hurt that’s because I was. Freshman, sophisticated, and Jr year I had operations on my legs. My junior year in November I had a total reconstruction of my right knee. If you knew me I hated crutches and had to get off of them because I had to earn a football scholarship.

I worked my knee out 3 times a day nothing was going to stop me. Come February  I told my Dr I was going to lift in a power lifting meet. He says I know your superhuman but 2.5 months isn’t long enough to heal. I said  test it. In 2 months I passed every stress test. He said I wish you well and come back after the meet  and we will look at.
I actually went to a jv power lifting since it was the last chance to qualify for regionals and in all lifts combined left with a total of 1275. Not bad for no practice. I knew it wasn’t enough to get in but I was proud of tried.
On Tuesday my coach Said hey you qualified for regional in 7th place.
I told him I’m going to state. Like a good coach he said let’s go compete and see what happened. Which means don’t get your hopes up Tyler your knee is brand new.
I had 2 weeks to practice and again I knew what I was going to  do.
At this time my parents had nothing for money,  how we ate sometimes was a miracle.
My mom gave me 10 dollars to eat after the meet and I know to this day it was all the money she had.
When I left she said please don’t be disappointed if you don’t win you’ve proved everything already and overcome more than anyone there.
I hug her pulled back and said  I will win.
I was scared to say the least. I was going to have to lift more than I ever had in my life and on a knee that was only 3 months old.
After the first event I squatted 550 which put me 5th.  I had lifted more than I had but I knew  it wasn’t enough.  I had already defeated myself but knew I had to finish.
Next was the bench press I lifted 375. I got 2nd in that but because of my lower squat  I had to go do an event that I had only practiced 3 times since surgery.
The most I had ever done was 500lb but knowing to go to state I was going to need to do at least 525.
My first lift of 475  was a bit of a struggle but it counted. The guy in first had already done 500. He missed his second attempt. I did 525 on my 2nd attempt and thought my knees were going to shoot off. I was 20 lbs behind him on total weight to win and his 3rd attempt he dropped the weights. It didn’t count. I was like omg I have a chance to do this. Trying to not to show my fear and excitement my coach ran over and said we can do this but to make sure nobody can bet you, 575 lbs has to be lifted off the floor. I gulped. He said I know  you can do it but do you. I said yes he’ll why not. BTW I did promise mom.
It fitting fashion I was the last lifter. The whole gym had stopped. Here I was dripping in sweat, fear, and hope but truly not knowing what I could do.
Right before my lift my coach came up to me  I didn’t know if physically you could hold up but now I know you can go show these people who you are.
As I squatted down to dead-lift 575 lbs off the floor, every person that laughed at me for always being hurt,  not believing me and my parents who couldn’t be there because they gave their last bit of money I grit my teeth and slowly pulled the weight up. I stood up with it got the call to sit it down and got all 3 green lights. I jumped up and my coach caught me and said that was the most awesome thing I’ve seen. I was regional champion and going to state.
The best of the story was the 25 cents I spent calling my parents.
I called in a sad voice and said hi mom. She said oh son it’s okay.
Mom I won on my last lift. She yelled out omg (Jay  my dad) he won. You could hear an audible cry and he yelled out that’s my boy. My mom was crying and said son you are the most amazing kid I’ve ever known. I love you and I’m proud of you.
We all have obstacles and fears but we are also the ones that can overcome them. I know you can do whatever your mind is set to do.



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23 02 2017

I remember😊

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