Day 948 Man I have bad luck

31 08 2015

7 days of no soda as of today and Ive calmed down. A few days last week I was sure I was going to rip someone’s head off. Now I’m like a butterfly flying tree to tree. Okay if you know me you know that’s never true but I feel a lot better. After 2 deaths and two memorial services I’m glad to say that last week being over is a great thing. With my heart change of life I’ve become compassionate and needless to say I shed a lot of tears but glad I could be there for the families.

Man I have bad luck or no luck at all. One of the crutch phrases for so many when things don’t go their way.  I used it all the time. I said it so much I believed it more than anything else that came out of my mouth. Here’s what I have now: Nothing good or bad luck. I don’t believe in luck. Here’s what I believe.

If I choose to follow God’s will my life will go has his plan, or when I choose the Tyler way it will go that way too. I hear man my luck is so bad, I have horrible luck with men or women, or things just always happen bad.  What if I told you that sometimes we are stupid and make bad decisions. Were imperfect and because of that bad things happen. If you drink and drive and you get arrested, guess what that wasn’t bad luck, that’s a bad decision. If you spent years druggin, thuggin, fighting, drinking, abusing others and now your bodies rebelling or your things aren’t working. The piper had to be paid and now its time the check gets cashed. No it’s not God punishing you because he doesn’t but our free will and others catches up to us. Our the person that said I have bad luck with men or women. Look its simple: We are attracted to a certain type person and if that type of person hasn’t worked for the eternity of your dating or married life for the Love of God stop going after them. People who need to be rescued, addicts, people who can’t love you because they can’t love themselves. If you find that person every time you have to stop it. That person maybe comfortable at first then they become like crumbs in your bed and eventually will just make you so upset you quit. Here’s an example for me: My whole life I have chosen to find women who I had long relationships with that were the following, not affectionate, tall, gorgeous, needing rescued, fake, hollow, and down right mean.  For me that does not work. Doesn’t make them bad women just means for me that they don’t work. My friends tell me that I could go into Cowboys stadium and there would be 50K great woman and I would walk by them all for the one I’m attracted to. I’ve learned what doesn’t work for me and if I choose them then it’s not bad luck, I’m an idiot.

I’ve read the entire bible and not once did I read about good or bad luck. What I read is following his will, that tug at your heart or the overwhelming don’t do that. When you follow his plan good things really happen, you might come into some money, or an opportunity, or your kid succeeds because you choose to teach them a lesson and not let the world teach them. Or your walk over to that stranger and start a conversation because you really wanted to but were afraid and now you’re in love. Or you send your testimony out over Facebook and when you push send you wanted to throw up because you’re afraid of the  response and 6 hours later. A total stranger tells you that they decided not to kill themselves because of what you posted. I could have taken credit for that or said what great luck I had. Nope no such thing as look good or bad. It’s about following your heart and mind. The two most powerful weapons we have in our body can be used for good or bad but not for luck.

When your about to say man my luck is good or bad stop and think: Maybe just maybe it was the decision I made and I followed God or I didn’t. Yes for the devils advocate people sometimes bad things happen to good people who didn’t deserve it. I don’t understand it either, I’m not God or Jesus and I have a list of questions I would like to ask when I get to heaven too but until then life happens with or without my approval so just deal with it as it comes.




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