Day 927 I want to be real for just a second

9 08 2015

Tax free weekend in Texas is by far the dumbest thing we have ever done as a state. Lets just say you spend 500 dollars for school supplies, clothes etc.. You save a  grand total of 42 bucks. Yes 42 dollars is good but the amount of pain, turmoil, sheer stupidity of the human race is not worth or will it ever be. I had to teach my daughter a lesson about so after she spent 1 hour at JC Penny waiting to try on a pair of shoes, they brought the wrong shoes and then wouldn’t help her. She learned a lesson and said dad never again. Today though shopping with her again and only waiting 20 minutes we with a found a pair of shoes. Shopping with a girl is like finding a needle in a river but we did it.

I want to be real. I know I usually am but today I want it to mean something. I would never expect anyone to stick their life out for somebody to criticize or beat you down. It happens to me and the others that are a part of our group. It’s okay it comes with the territory but when you can look another human in the eyes and tell them that you’ve never had a problem with sin or with anything or inside of you. I have no time for you. First of all God said we are sinners. That means every one of us and even you. I have never in my walk of life no matter how boring, innocent, quiet, reserved etc..  a person was that didn’t have something inside their closets. I love your glass house I really do but glass breaks.

I’m not judging anyone all I’m stating is how if God says were all sinners  that means you are too. I know people who put on a great party mask and want you to believe that their life is perfect. Who in God’s name wants to live that way. Divorce rate is out of control, alcoholism, drug abuse, suicide and I could go on they are all out of control. You might be out of your season of hell or it hasn’t come yet but stop trying to play pretend games with your life. Please stop trying to convince everyone your perfect and nothing is wrong. You know why, you’re the person struggling more than anyone. To try to beat somebody down that is honest, convicted because it makes you feel better is just terribly sad.  God never said don’t sin, he said confess your sin. Its freeing and makes life a lot easier, You can accept others and see them for they truly are. I love broken people. Why, because they are me, they are real ,authentic, loving and just easier to be around.

I want to be closer to God and Jesus. He knows I’m a mess. Perfect example: Every Saturday for at least a year I was going out to the bar with my friends and getting drunk. Every time I got in my car and drove a little or a long ways home and I was drunk. I was lonely and that’s why I did it. No excuses at all. I have my own demons and Saturday nights I lost them. I’m proud to announce for one month now I haven’t stepped into a bar or had a drink. I still deal with the loneliness but I’ve proven to myself that I can do this and honestly my focus and thoughts are more positive.

That’s real and its scary to let people know it but don’t you dare throw your judgmental, holy than now BS at me.  It helps me to be honest. It may not help you but if not just be quite. If you need help ask. More people want to be a help than a hurt. I learned that the hard way.  Just know somebody around you is dying slowly inside they need an encouraging word not a hammer over the head. BE THE WORD!





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