Day 922 When you sleep in somebody elses bed

5 08 2015

A buddy yesterday texted me and said my wife and I want to know why your single you could have your pick of women. I said: over the years a few didn’t say yes and the other reason is me.  So I picked up the phone and got real. There’s so much about me that very few know. I like it that way because that is saved for the next Mrs. Wood but there are things that people need to know so they can see the outside of the puzzle. Today in counseling it was brought up again and we addressed it. I don’t trust! Most of you that read this blog know that already but it’s what people tell me all the time that drives me crazy. I hear (you that’s a lot of people in the world) tell people just forgive and forget. Forgiveness absolutely one of the most important aspects of a healthy life but stop telling people to forget. God not one time asked us to forget. He asked us to forgive.

My 3 three longest relationships in my life I was cheated on and bad in each one. I had no idea it was happening either. I was oblivious to it because never in my wildest dreams would I cheat on someone. After it happened I was so upset with everyone except me. Then I got into well you didn’t treat women right until you got married so its your punishment. I never understand why if you’re so unhappy tell that person and walk away because never will cheating be better than just being brutally honest. We all know that its stupid to believe that its better in today’s society to be honest. I mean how hard is it to look someone in the eye and say I don’t love you anymore but its easier to say I dropped my clothes on the floor and had sex with ABC.  I never heard the person respond OMG thank you for letting me know after the fact. So where am I going with this.

Love is a decision it is not or never will it be a feeling. Once the newness of a relationship wears off and the real hits you better have two things: You better have Jesus guiding and you better know without a shadow of a doubt that I will lay my life down for this person because I just said in my vows till death do us part. It didn’t say because I had a crappy Monday and he didn’t listen, or we haven’t had sex in two months, or I’m sick of being broke. No it said til death do u part. That’s one hell of a decision but I see a lot of people I know doing it.Oh and that grass is greener on the other is BS too. They still have pee and poop on their side but you forgot to look.

I know I have to trust again because if not I will be single! I will not forget what happened. How come people never say man you need to forget that really cool thing that happened to you? Why? That would be dumb. Same as telling people to forget something bad. It’s through the bad and unfortunate things in life that make us who we are today and with that I’m slowly turning over my heart to trust again and my eyes are opening.

There are some amazing people who are loyal. Not everyone is a cheater, sure capable but hasn’t yet and probably won’t. I don’t forget because it’s through not forgetting I will find what I deserve. Remember this that a cheater gets what comes to them, it’s just the way the world works. Its our job to be graceful , understanding and open with our thoughts to show a cheater that there is life on the other side. When that person sleeps in someone elses bed and it ripped your soul out don’t take it out on the next person. Start believing that people are still good, listen to what God says about us. He didn’t make us perfect but made us good.

Sorry for the little rant and my brain puking on you, but now you know.  So if someone asks why is Tyler still single send them to this blog. Save someone a phone call! Love ya




2 responses

5 08 2015

I totally agree with many points stated. Some feel the best way to get over someone is to meet someone new so they quickly jump into a new relationship. Others prefer to wait until they meet the right person.

5 08 2015

Thanks brother. I really appreciate your support.

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