Day 903 He’s not done with me yet

18 07 2015

On Tuesday of this week I was in a car accident. I was making a left hand turn and a lady ran the red light at 55. Its one of those moments where I started to turn and then I saw her coming and all I could say was oh crap. She spun me around 360 degrees I was facing the other direction. I could see that I was facing the wrong way and all my airbags had deployed, my car stopped running, Onstar was trying to talk to me and needless to say I was confused for a bit. I kept asking OnStar how they got into my car. I was dripping in sweat because of adrenaline but the AC was off too. My kids weren’t with me which was the biggest blessing because it would have hit on their side. I didn’t know what to do so I just sat there for a minute I wanted to check myself out but thought I was hurt so I just sat still.I started feeling around and throwing glass off of me. My stomach and shoulder hurt but I was just bleeding from my hand and the airbag was upsetting me so I cut it out of way. I started getting out of my car and the fire department was there and he was trying to help me get my door open. He said what are you doing. I said getting out of this car its hot in here. He said how are you getting out. I said I’m about to walk out if you move, but he said have you seen your car. I said no but I’ve been hit harder in a rugby or delivered a bigger hit. He said  wow man your supposed to be here. I got out called my buddy Jim and asked him to come get me. I then walked around the car and just shook my head. I couldn’t believe that I was hit that hard and at that speed and I was okay.

I put this part into not to brag but to show how far I’ve come as a man. The lady was hysterical she was yelling its my fault, I don’t have insurance, and I’m so sorry. My natural instincts and new heart took over. I just grabbed her and told her I love you its okay. She pulled back and said why are you saying its okay. I said because it’s an accident, I’ve had many times I hadn’t paid attention in the car to. I told her don’t worry its money and its all going to be okay. Please go get looked at! I hugged her one more time and she said you okay. I said my stomach hurts but otherwise Im good.  I started grabbing crap out of my car which looked like my son was let loose inside. My buddy Jim got there said you sure your okay you should get to the hospital. I’m good man I know my body well. He didn’t argue just drove me to get a rental car and then he picked up my kids. While standing in the rental car line I showed him my stomach and he said yep that’s going to hurt. He also said something else: Nobody walks away from that except you.

So after processing my thoughts here is what I’ve come up with. God’s not finished me yet. You might be saying stop being dramatic but its true. I’ve seen people die in wrecks a lot smaller. I walked away and was able to love someone who 5 years ago I would have went ballistic and lost it on the lady. It was just a reminder that when I doubt my purpose, my significance, or does God love me. I get a wink and told absolutely Tyler Wood you are one of my warriors carry on. So here’s to no more wrecks and a new car. Sad thing  is that car was only two weeks old. So here’s to even a newer car. Have a great weekend.




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