Day 819 People don’t impress me

25 04 2015

I had another amazing week with my kids. They are getting more trying though as my daughter is two weeks away from being a teenager  and I’m learning a new level of patience and just to be quite. It’s so hard when I never understood a grown woman’s hormones and now I have to understand a 12 year old’s. There is a better chance I may find a real life leprechaun.

All people are good and bad. All of us. We have all done stupid things and my level is worse than many but there are people who have  out done me 3 times over. We all put people on a pedestal and we should never and I mean never do that. The moment you do we will disappoint you. Most of the time not on purpose but because we all have fear, anger, doubt, apprehension, lack of belief and faith etc..  We think because people write a great blog, book, or they’re a pastor, great athlete, movie star, CEO that it makes them not human. Now I laugh when I see someone high-profile make a mistake and you hear, I just can’t believe they did that, I knew them my whole life and never thought, there a role model, look how many people respect them. I then ask when did they give up the title of a broken un-perfect human. Why do we hold these people to a different standard than we hold ourselves to. What they do is a job just like us. It maybe more high-profile and they make more money but they are still broken sinners. Sure it makes us feel better to hold them to a higher standard but its wrong and always will be. Actually people who are high-profile are subjected to more than we are in our daily lives and you can only deflect so much before it gets you. Think about the things that go on behind your closed doors and if people knew your life you would be so embarrassed but you wouldn’t want people to judge you but they will. So my point?

People don’t impress me. I have met enough of all of these high-profile people and know their just like me and possibly with more distractions of life.  I didn’t say I don’t respect what they do. Example Lebron James is an amazing basketball player I respect him for his talents but would I be surprised if he did something bad. No but I’m also not going to put him on a pedestal and talk crap about him, how could he, I never. There is nothing that anyone in the world that could do that I would be surprised by. No matter how much or how little you have we are sinners and broken. Some hide it better and some get put on the news. I just learned if I judge I will be judge. That crap of only God can judge is such BS. God is THE JUDGE but on this earth everybody is entitled to judge and we do. So rather than tear down someone who made a mistake just remember your about to make one too. Offer grace and a closed mouth and hopefully when your time of stupidity comes we will be treated the same.




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