Day 807 There will always be a consequence

12 04 2015

Baseball is here! Opening day for the Texas Rangers and almost everyone is hurt already and my son’s team is 3-0.  It’s so cool to watch little kids grow in such a short amount of time. Listening to them encourage and at the same time knock each other around is so cool. I miss those days but at least I get to watch it now. Denton Texas has a lot of great outside venues and a  lot of places you can’t smoke which I enjoy. I will say this I would smell cigarette smoke over the guy or girl who crop dusts people with the most fowl odor. Remember spreading toxic fumes is a crime  or I think if not it should be. This is your friendly PSA Public Service Announcement.

One lesson I’m teaching my babies is that there is a consequence for EVERYTHING we do. If you’re doing good, good will come back in many ways. It may not come back to you today or tomorrow but it will. We don’t do good to get it back but when you need it the most it will come in. It makes God happy when we give from a grateful willing heart.

I want to make sure that I believe God doesn’t punish us. He does give s free will which I think sometimes is punishment enough but no matter what everything in life will have a consequence. Some call it karma, life, or what goes around comes around. The past month  things I did 20’s and yes 30 years ago are coming back around to me now. I know Im forgiven there is no doubt but you don’t do some of the things I did or we all do and think we get off scott free. Many of the fights I participated in my body and especially my hands don’t function the way they should, I had 9 known concussions that were diagnosed and countless others that were not. Since I was trying to show my manhood, be tough etc.. I get foggy ad lost sometimes. Yes it could be old age but it’s also the absolutely beating I took in sports and fighting. Sure I have great stories and lots of memories but they are catching up. The way I treated people not only in just dealing s but sexually have caught up to me. When I have been treated a certain way I’m like I can’t believe they did that to me but then I remember oh yeah you weren’t always the best either.

The alcoholic that drank himself  to sleep every night for 20 years liver is failing. Yes it is and it doesn’t matter what you have changed in your life, what you cleaned up or what has been forgiven it always comes time to pay the piper. The drug user that got high all the time and now they can’t function, the cheater that cheats and now they slept with a good guy and now they have something. I could go on and on. This is my belief that no matter what the decision we made and make will have a consequence. Yes God can stop some it but you can’t do bad things your whole life and get nothing in return. I still never regret my life but I do wish I didn’t hurt some people who I did. If I could the feelings they had towards me I would, or the things my kids heard during their mom  and I’s fights i would.

So the good news is God is a great redeemer!! When your past catches up to your body, your heart and mind don’t be mad or astonished that it’s happening. Use it as a learning tool so we can teach those around us young and old that there is always a consequence good or bad. make sure to tell them the good too. Out of all the rock bottom I can stand in front of 1 or 1000 and tell them through my bad choices there came great from it but man does it hurt not only physically but mentally. The best vase is a shattered vase when glued back together because the sunlight has so many more places to shine through




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