Day 784 Will you wear the ring please

20 03 2015

After 8 days away I get my babies back tonight. I can’t explain how much I missed them. I need their smile and wit Im losing my touch without them!!

So yes I will continue to blog. I got around 25 responses and all of them were heart-felt. I also met people who I had no idea that read. This one stood out the most to me Thank you Pat!: if you are inspired to continue to write this blog, I will continue to read it. You are touching more people than you realize. They may not respond or reach out to you but it always says things that need to be said. If they choose not to read it they can scroll past it or delete it. Thank you for pouring your heart and soul out on FaceBook, it takes a special Man to do that.  So here we are again and thank you!

One of pet peeves is people who are married and don’t wear their wedding rings. If you didn’t share weddings rings this doesn’t pertain to you so its okay. I know the rings are just symbolic but that’s exactly the point. On the day you were married and you slipped the ring on the person’s finger you made a promise to each other and God and that was a promise for forever. I hear all the excuses, she or he knows I love her, it was just symbolic, I don’t wear jewelry, they understand. My point is why did you even put the ring on your finger that day anyway. If it meant enough at that time to put on then it should stay on. I understand if you can’t because of work but as soon as you can put it back on your finger. It lets everybody else know your taken and that your proud of that fact.

When I’m out and about and I see an attractive woman that I might find the courage to talk to if she has a ring on I turn right around. She is taken and I respect and her marriage enough to stay away. I know that a ring doesn’t keep crappy human beings from approaching you because they are so much better than what you already have but at least its a deterrent. With or without your ring your married until you’re not but are you so attention starved and hate your spouse that you need to be approached so you would actually take your ring off. If you don’t want to wear your ring that’s your deal but you better start searching because without it on your mind goes places it shouldn’t. If your my friend and I catch you without your ring I wont say anything I’ll just point to your finger. It’s a sign of respect and love and if you can’t do the simple act of wearing your ring what else are you not doing.

I bring this up today and I know its dumb but I used my thumb today to check my ring finger and got paranoid today because my ring was gone. That was 2.7 years ago I was married and the only time I took it off was for my court divorce hearing and when the gavel was hit I dropped the ring in my pocket to symbolize it was over. I loved being married and what it meant to me. I wore my ring always except to workout, work with my hand or in the ocean.  You don’t have to wear your ring but remember why you put it on to begin with. Time to put the ring back because with this ring I thee Wed!




One response

21 03 2015

rings are only visible symbols of commitment. Commitment from the heart and brain are much more important. My husband cannot wear a ring where he works, so often does not have one on. It does not bother me as I know he is committed. We have been married for 31 years.

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