Day 743 Church VS Cleavage… and the winner is

9 02 2015

I miss football already. I know its been a week but I love it and  I know it misses me. I left with college basketball that nobody care about for 3 more weeks,  the NBA that I don’t care about until the playoffs, Hockey and spring training baseball. Well At least we can watch chess on ESPN late at night.

At the beginning of church today it was 70 degrees. Everybody is so happy with that, that Facebook  its full of how great the weather is updates. If you ve been to Texas you know we have the most beautiful women here. I’ve traveled a lot and I don’t think its close. With that comes women that know their gorgeous and need to show it. I will be the first to say I appreciate it. Until I get to church! Look I’m single if I see skin I’m like a little boy in the candy store. We as men are simple creatures and it doesn’t take a lot for us to spiral out of control with our sexual thoughts, but I would hope that church would be a safe haven. I walk into church this morning and I really mean the first person I see is a woman with a v neck shirt on that has cut the V and now most of all the cleavage was showing. God did bless her for sure but I was like come on already. As I’m walking in I started playing the cleavage police. I know who am I to play that part when it wasn’t assigned to me but I started counting. I’m a numbers guy what can I say ,at 20 women I stopped counting inappropriate shirts that were on. Then this is no lie there were 4 women that had their thong showing because their shirt was so short.  Please don’t tell that’s so gross you were looking. Okay really, when was the last time you saw someone in a wheelchair, a car wreck or someone on crutches and didn’t stare. I’m a man and I looked but I couldn’t believe it.

I have enough problems with temptation but I should expect that at least at church you could cover yourself up for an 1.5 hour.  Your self-esteem may suck but when you dress like that anywhere you know that you’re looking to get guys to look at you. Guess what and we do and it will never be the look that your striving for. These were married and single women. I’m sorry you think that even in church that you have no worth but you do and it’s not in the assets God gave you. Wear a scarf, a coat or hell go by a Sunday T-shirt that says I love Jesus but cover up. Every person that walks into a church is struggling with something and the last thing we need are boobs staring at us.

So guess who sits the aisle over from me. The first lady I saw when I got to church. I tried not to stare but I suck at not staring.  If any man tells you that he wasn’t looking is a liar sometimes the assets are so good that your eyes have a mind of their own.Get this, when we get up to leave she actually tells her husband did I have something on my face because people were staring at me. That’s when I wish  Staples invented the slap button because I would have pushed the button and told her to wake up.

We men will objectify you and I’m sorry but if you wear clothes like that you are not helping especially in church. God loves you no matter what you look like but if  what you want is stares and men like that then good luck. There’s something to be said for what someone doesn’t know is good for them, in this case if only your man or potential man knows what you look like that a plus for both of you. If I need to see assets I can go to Hooters, Twin peaks, etc…  not church. Help me help you and all other man. Cover up in church please I’m trying to ask for my sins to be forgiven not create a bunch more sins sitting there.





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