Day 736 Shut up and change one thing already

1 02 2015

You never get to pick your family but God got it right for me. My baby sister Meagan Wood turned 34 yesterday . From the moment they brought her home in her pink onesy   I was so proud. Thank you for your giving, caring heart, infectious laugh, and that brand of humor that only a few of us get. I love you sis. Happy birthday.We also have a hedgehog now in the Wood family. He’s 6 weeks old and his name is Henry because it just is my daughter said. They have a great personality  and yes the quills hurt.
There is a punishment is our house for using the word can’t. Those words have sunk more lives, than I hate you, u suck, your an idiot. I have used those words in my life between the ages of 25-36 and guess what I didn’t. There is a difference  in I can’t and I won’t.  How in the world can u say I can’t do that  if you have never once tried? Why would you listen  to someone else who says you can’t because that idiot hadn’t and doesn’t want u to do something they haven’t done so they make u feel like crap. Can’t keeps you from change. I get so sick of people saying I can’t change, it’s just the way I am. My family was this way, my friends said that I can’t. In the words of my son that’s a bunch of boo boo. I myself said the lies that we believe I can’t change. So much so that August of 2011 all the lies I told myself and what others said  I believed and sat on top of a hill in Aubrey Texas ready to take my life. When you look at everything wrong with us as people I would agree it would seem to much to handle but I promise you it’s not if you do this:…

You have to put your problems in a bowl yes a real bowl of the things you want to change. Dont put 50 put 3-4. Then grab one out. Okay your saying that is so stupid really hows your plan working out. Just try it! Then the one you grab out tell God from this moment forward we will change this issue please Lord take this from me. Tell yourself I CANT STAY HERE ANYMORE! Then whatever you need to change that could be alcohol, drug addiction, anger, procrastination, laziness, bad spouse or parent etc.. you do whatever is necessary and find the answer. it maybe Google, support groups, new friends, pastor, Rock Bottom Outreach, counseling. The answer is there. There is never a reason not to change. The ONLY and mean only REASON you haven’t change is you don’t want to. I was that guy. He can’t change, I was a selfish, self-centered, jerk,  a hollow, excuse making man, that never cared what you had to say unless it benefited me. I was a dad but not a good one and a crappy husband until it was too late. I hit my knees and told God I will do whatever you say no matter how uncomfortable, hard, or terrified I was. There were so many people who helped and pushed me but I had to do it. I’m proud of that but if I would have looked at the toilet full of crap I had to change I would still be back there today. So what was my one thing I picked was my anger. I could snap and break your neck or belittle you before you could say hi. I promise through punching, swearing, crying and yelling at the top of my lungs we figured it out. Sure I still get angry but I see why and I don’t take it out on others. My crap is my crap and not yours. Nobody is responsible for my behavior or how I react except me. The truth is change is right in front of us and I mean blatantly right in front of us. It’s never to late to start. Dont say next week or when this happens. Just start by shutting up, and finding one thing you want to change: JUST ONE! And attack it like a fat kid would cookies.I promise the other side of change  is amazing. Once you start and do one the 2nd and 3rd are going to be so much easier.Many of you that read this don’t know me but I’m offering help. Life is too short to waste, but just know when I offer you help and you accept it I am like a fat kid on cookies so wear a bib it’s about to be an amazing ride.




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