Day 725 How do you know you’ll be good after divorce

21 01 2015

I’m not sure how you can live in a state your whole life or just move here from another state and your allergies get horrible. My eyes look like I’ve been high for a week. I know people new to the area that have never had an allergy and have sworn to move back away from the Texas allergies. Here’s to it being spring. Visine takes the red out?

I was having a pretty serious conversation with one of my friends today about relationships. He asked how do you know you would even be good in  a relationship after divorce. Well after a few generic reasons like I’m a different man, I’m a good dad, I’m a great lover and more blah blah. The answer came to me like a bright bright light. I wont leave you.

I think that being loyal is one of the best qualities for any person. Sure there are times you must move on from people but loyalty is such a huge key. I could have and should have left my marriage but didn’t. I believed in the vows and I promise I tried everything to fix what was broken. I did want to leave  at times but could never pull the trigger. I had to be an example for my kids and myself. There have been friendships where the other person took and took from me. I stayed and fought through it. I have taken my space or stepped away to get my mind back but I never left!  I am one of those people who you know, If I love you I’m there always and not for what benefits me.

I believe that is one thing that God put in me and I forget that part of me. Trust and loyalty i think is what all relationships can last forever on. Even when you want me to walk away because you think its best because you’re not worthy Im the one there still trying to lift and build you up.  I’m not sure if my next marriage will be successful but I do know this. I will be there for her in every way imaginable because I don’t know any other way. Any friend of  mine that I have knows that I will never leave them. If you were honest is there anything really more  you could ask of someone than  to be loyal and trusting? Here’s to a loyal second marriage.




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22 01 2015

I have thought about this a lot not that I am even considering a relationship right now, I often question would I ever be a good partner again. I forgot how it feels to be in a dating relationship, and I just realized why my ex-husband and I didn’t date while we were married hmm.

anyway very great topic to think about.

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