Day 709 Sorry your sitting in my chair get up

5 01 2015

Today is the first work day of the year and most aren’t excited to be at work. You said things will be different this year but only you have the broken pieces to mend yourself. Start by doing just one thing you want, not what someone else wants. Your worth it and remember the most beautiful things are the ones that have been broken and mended back together.  I love this for some reason. Sitting in traffic I do my best thinking and that’s what I thought today. This picture says so muchGold bowl


I never try to sit in the same place in church. I do sometimes but I try to change-up where I sit so I don’t get to comfortable You also could meet someone you never thought you would. Church at the beginning of the year is like the gym. Peoples resolutions are to get closer to God they fill up the church and then February its back to normal. I’ve been a member of my church for 10 years. So I’ve seen a lot of people come and go. I’ve seen these people yesterday and never more than A passing thought. They walked to the right of the church and I didn’t see them again. I was looking at my phone and I got a tap on the shoulder and this guy said sorry you’re in my chair get up.  I was taken back just a bit, You know there are no assigned seats in church. If you know me I’m a giant smart-ass, and can get down right mean in a hurry. My first thing I said was excuse me ,then some grace finally entered my lips. I said I’m really sorry I wasn’t thinking. I got up and moved two rows behind in my normal seats.

Here was my thought process if this guy and spouse had the never to ask someone to move seats in church: they were scared in the worst way to be there. They knew they needed to be there but were so uncomfortable. People hate going to church if its memories from childhood or just being burnt by church as an adult. What if it was my lesson to learn to shut-up which I’m not great at. There was something for me to learn and I hope I did. What good would it have done to call the guy out. His idea of church people would have been carried on,  I had no idea why he walked in that build that morning, and it was an example to him that someone should him grace when you knew he wouldn’t. I will say it was weird and my first time in my church life it happened. When I got in my car I thought man that poor guy was such in a bad place that my seats were the only ones he could sit in.

The only thing I can take from yesterday was: If you go to church you know how you feel and the guilt that a church building can bring you, always speak because you never know the hell someone walked in with, ever judge anyone who walks in church they need it as much as you. Finally if you’re sitting in someones seats in church get up for that day they need them more than you.


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