Day 701 Just let me bake

29 12 2014

I get a lot of questions about what does day such and such mean on the title of your blog. It has been 701 days since I put a stake in the ground and said my life changes from this day forward. So far the old is gone and new Tyler Wood continues to form. Thank you to my friends the Goodgions. I got to see them as there dad starts chemo tomorrow. Lunch was amazing and laughing was the best. Finally laying in my bed last night I wondered why I didn’t go out. I got a very random Facebook message from a college buddy. All I know I’m thankful that I could be there at that moment. Nothing is over until you take your last breath and no matter what mistakes you make all that matters is that your here. We rise from the ashes my friend and you will too.

Those thinking by the title that I’m going to be talking about marijuana I’m sorry I’m not, that might be another blog. lol. I’ve homemade cookies before and if you haven’t but you should. If you haven’t you’ve seen it. There are 1000 of different recipes. You mix and stir and then you get the cookies on the cookie sheet to bake. Before you ever get them out of the oven you criticize, you laugh at the funny looking ones, you start telling yourself I bet these don’t taste good,you wonder what others will think if the cookies look weird or taste bad and this is all done before the cookies are finished. You really have no idea about the cookies  but your opinion is formed before they are finished. I think you see where Im going here. We are all those cookies that are being stared out and opinions formed before we are done. Where we are today is not where we will finish. Some of us have a few days some have 50 more years. To look at something based on a recipe  that we once followed and judge it or  throw it away and given up on before you even have one true chance to see the final project is just stupid. I know it happens but if someone looked at you today and said that’s it. They don’t get any better and based on some past thought or just what you see I give up on you.  You see, no matter what kind of cookie you are somebody will like your cookie and you will find your batch one day. Many people gave up on me, life long friends, enemies, and my ex-wife. If I would have continued in my path my kids would have. Just give me time to bake I’m not done yet. I might look funny now or you think that my recipe is missing an ingredient, my edges are browning but my center is still soft. I’m not done baking yet. We will be judged no matter what. Stop telling people not to judge because its like breathing it’s so hard to stop,So what if they judge you and they never get to enjoy the best cookie ever because they walked away while we were still baking. No matter where you’re at we’re not done until the timer goes off. Sorry about the cooking reference but its a good analogy I thought. Remember it’s not how you start, its how you finish that matters. Carry on my good and faithful son and daughter.




2 responses

30 12 2014

hmmm…. Oddly craving cookies now lol.

What a great analogy! This post really helped me, I’m going through a divorce right now and I cant tell you how many times people have given up on this cookie. I’m basically left alone at this point, but its blogs like yours that make me feel less alone, because others have been through it and survived. It gives me hope that someday I will be out of this situation and I will feel alive again. Thank you for sharing your life with us, it makes a big difference, at least for me. Really needed this Thank you.

30 12 2014

Please dont give up hope. I believed couldn’t make it but now 2.5 years out my life is so much better. It will not be easy but worth it. When ur able just pass the hope to others. I’m here for anything you need.

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