Day 694 God if your real you need to show up now

21 12 2014

I appreciate those people who go all out with Christmas Decoration. My babies, mom and nephew went through a Christmas Display in Arlington Texas Called Interlocken. It’s about 300 houses. It’s just beautiful and knowing its been going on for over 30 years is just stunning. I’m done wrapping, buying and thinking about Christmas. Its time to enjoy and make Thursday morning amazing.

I know many people who stopped believing in God because he didn’t answer their prayer. I know many others that made a choice that they will be in God when he only shows them miracles I for one doubted, challenged God, told him I hated him, and I  walked away from him. I knew what was best for me and I was going to show God. Its funny I didn’t know sH%t and I had plenty of nothing to show for it. God was there for me every time he never left me but I thought differently. I know three different occasions where I asked God to show up because I was tired of trying to believe him and knowing what “he” was doing wasn’t working. Each of these times I said God if your real I need you to show up now: 1st one was when my dad got into a coma the day he died. He had COPD and his lungs were filling up with fluid. If you have never heard the sound its one of the most horrible ways to hear someone die. I couldn’t stand it anymore and after 11 hrs I finally said God if your real please take him now. about 4 minutes later my dad stopped breathing and he went home. 2. I got into a horrible fight in the Northside of Fort Worth. One of my friends got jumped and the guys there all had knives daring someone to jump in. Well in all my infinite wisdom I did just that. When I jumped in many others did too. I asked God if he was real now would be a great time to show it. 8 people got stabbed nobody to bad but I got nothing except a broken knuckle, swollen  eye and my shirt had to be replaced. 3.  The day I moved out my house when I was getting divorced. I packed the final box I asked my friend Lew to give me a minute. I went inside looked around and cried. I told God I couldn’t do this by myself. I was so scared, I didn’t know how to be a daddy by myself, but if you are real I need you to show me now. Well here Ia flawed and all but god stepped up time and time again. When I didn’t ask he was there, when I asked he was there. I made some promises to God that if you will do this and that I will do fill in the _____________. He has and I am. God gives us opportunities everyday to bless someone else. People say God show up now. It may not be in a white rob, Charleton Heston voice, or some noble stead but it could be a 39-year-old man who reached Rock Bottom and has the most compassionate heart for others. It’s about being humble so the things I do very few know about. It’s not about the pat on the back, it’s about knowing that someone never has to feel the sense of hopelessness I did. I got the chance to help two people this week. Neither asked but I felt and knew. One person posted on FB a status and I knew exactly what they meant. Long story short I was able to send some money. It wasn’t a lot but it made a difference. I gave him the check and he said I asked God to please show me your still real and he showed up as you.  You see God is always where we need to be. We have to put down our pride, ego, anger, and sometimes just plain stupidity to see him. I will continue to teach that it’s about helping others. Sometimes just helping them see who they really are after years of being told otherwise. Sometimes its just listening, sometimes its just a check. We are the hands and feet of Jesus and no matter how you choose to see it sometimes you and I are how God shows up for others. So if your real and proclaim God is the foundation for your life its time for us to show up now.




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21 12 2014

I notice when I follow Gods leading to give to others, I am blessed beyond measure also. Great advice!

25 12 2014

I found this in my email today, maybe I was meant to pass it on to you? I have never questioned the realness of God He has twice plucked me from the jaws of certain death.

I hope this helps…

In the family torn apart by addiction, in the midst of tragedy, financial ruin, joblessness, loneliness, depression, sickness and any other inevitable heartache life brings, one question is asked more than any other: where is God?

The angry, sad, hurt, frustrated heart cries out: How can you just sit there, silently, and do nothing while the world burns? Where are you? It’s an understandable question. Anyone who mocks it or brushes it aside simply has yet to experience the heartache that brings them to their knees and compels their pleading, helpless eyes towards the heavens. But that time will come. It always comes. The old saying goes there’s only two things that are guaranteed in life: death & taxes. I’d like to amend that cliché and add suffering. Who among us has not experienced pain? It is an unrealistic expectation to sail through life without any trial or tribulation. No one in the history of planet earth has ever accomplished this feat, why should we expect to be the first?

Pain is an inevitable part of life, therefore we should not take lightly when someone is questioning God’s role in all of this. So how does God factor into all of this?

Many are putting God on trial, claiming He’s done nothing, is an absentee father.

That’s a heavy indictment. I realize that God is quite capable of fashioning His own defense, nevertheless, please allow me to take a moment and present the alibi. I contend that despite the sadness and pain in the world, He is absolutely there, and He is absolutely doing something. More than just something, something miraculous.

It’s Christmas, and lost in all the presents and commercialism it is easy to lose sight of the significance of what the baby Jesus all wrapped up in a manger actually means. The King of the universe, the Creator of all things, the Author of life, the first and the last, actually humbled himself and took on flesh to dwell among us is something to behold. Angels filled the sky singing praises. He was called Immanuel, God with us.

Truly a miracle, but that was just the beginning of this story. The angels celebrated the arrival of the baby, but the reason we celebrate thousands of years later has less to do with the birth of the baby and everything to do with the death and resurrection of the man. After rising from the grave, what did Jesus tell His disciples? “Surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age”

He is with us always. Jesus promised to leave behind a helper and did so with the Holy Spirt. We don’t need help creating our best lives now, be super happy and never experience pain. No, help was sent to help us complete the job. Before he left, Jesus commissioned us to go, make disciples, and teach them to obey everything I commanded.

Everything He commanded. There’s a lot of commands. Visit the orphan & widow in their distress, help the poor and needy, comfort those who mourn, and most importantly love the Lord with all your soul & love others as yourself.

See, we’re really good at loving ourselves. We know how to do that one without thinking about it. We’re selfish. We need help to turn our focus around and into a life of service, where others needs are put ahead of our own.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is where God is. In all of us. How does the world know about God? When we love one another, they will see Him.

This week at the ranch I saw God.
He was at the local food bank, picking up a bag of popcorn balls and bringing joy to others who (just like him) can’t afford every meal. He was wearing a red shirt, red sweat pants, and a homemade Santa beard he had made from yarn. He’s at the food bank every Saturday and has been doing so for 12 years. He is a simple man who knows how to give away pallets of joy as if it just grew on trees. He was doing all of this while taking care of an orphaned child as his own.

God IS with us.

He is there for the widow.

He is there for the orphan.

The lonely hearted.

The hungry.

The tired.

The lost.

The sick.

Nothing? Oh, God has done something amazing. He created you, and me and billions of other human beings, the imperfect agents of His will. Each of us with the opportunity to make it abundantly clear that God is truly with us until the end of the age.

We won’t be perfect, but we can give those in the midst of suffering a teeny tiny glimpse of the glory that awaits in the next life. We can prove that God does indeed exist, cares, and is absolutely present in every aspect of every precious life.

Be a miracle to someone this Christmas season.

God Bless,

Glenn Beck

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