Day 627 Why do you have to be such a witch with a B.

15 10 2014

Ever stopped what has died inside of us because of other people, our thoughts, our fears, our just lack of knowledge or understanding. This really made me think yesterday.


I usually spend 3 days a week at Starbucks free wifi and coffee. I always try to say hi to anyone whose up looking around. Usually its hi how are you. Most people wave or give a knowing nod and you might get someone who wants to speak but not usually. yesterday I said hi to what men would like to call at 10 on a rating scale for women. (Yes I know its being a pig that’s how men are though) She was gorgeous but she had that look that you just walk away from. I did my thing and said hi how are you. She then says I don’t think so. I stopped and turned around and said excuse me. She says I don’t date guys like you. Then my thought bubble over my head was like: You’re a real witch with a B, jump inside her and tear her down, . My insecurities were raised, how dare you. So I turned and asked her what did you mean. She said I don’t date guys that look like you. I then said: do you really think you’re so pretty that you can’t be nice. It’s really sad that your heart is that destroyed that all you have is your looks. Beauty is inside first outside second. If you were the last women that walked this earth I couldn’t date you. I could never make you happy and your on a surface level. I one of the best guys you will ever meet. I’m sorry whoever treated you the way that you think your only something to look at. Im sure there’s more to you.  She just looked at me and blinked. Im sure a guy had never talked to her like that. She said I think you misunderstood me. No I heard you correctly I think you misunderstood yourself.  I said just fake a hello your never to beautiful to be nice.

I probably should have shown more grace but to know that your that miserable is truly sad. No matter who you are a simple hello does good for both people. sure I know I’m not everyone first choice. I’m not going to be on the front of GQ maybe chubby GQ but life is so much more than looks. All looks fade or can be taken away. You better like that person at their core because when you get tired of how they look the inside of that person is what matters. See I’m not looking for everyone women to like me just one. One that loves me all of me. I chased the BS of life and it left me in a pile of my crap with why me. No matter how great , beautiful, handsome, you think you are if your inside sucks so do your looks. To that girl yesterday you’re  beautiful inside you just don’t know it. Find someone who sees all the good about you not what they can just see or touch on the outside.




One response

17 10 2014

Beauty definitely comes from within. Sorry you had to encounter such an ugly spirit.

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