Day 505: no clue how you fit in

17 06 2014

When I grow up I want to be? I wanted to be a professional football player. It was a  realistic actually but life had other plans. When you see someone who is doing what they always wanted and are happy in their job/dream what an amazing feeling we should have for them. We shouldn’t be jealous, envy, or take away their joy. Why? Its proof that we can find happiness in ourselves but because of this little word only about 5% of the population ever reaches it. That word is DOUBT!!

My biggest weakness is doubt. It’s not everyday but I fight t. I don’t feel I deserve it. I will tell you I do but my actions are not that I believe. Most of us will let doubt stay with us until we die. If you could be anybody or someone handed you a blank check everyday what would you do with it. You would believe that it wasn’t meant for you and that might mean you need to get out of your comfort so instead we would hand it back and go back to what we know. The reality is this—all of the answers you seek are within us now. Since we’ve already established that we will never—with total certainty—know the rules, then we can logically assume you’re as close to knowing them as you’ll ever be.  And thank you Robert D. Smith

The 3 Kinds of Doubt

Specifically, there are three kinds of doubt:

  1. We doubt what we did yesterday—“Was that the right thing to do? Did I make the wrong choice?”
  2. We doubt what we can do today. What kind of difference we can make today. If we can even get through the day.
  3. And we definitely doubt what we can do in the future. Who we can become. What we can accomplish. Whether we’ll ever be happy.

We misinterpret and distort the past, overlook the present, and obsess over a future we could never predict.

When you realize that, it becomes very easy to see how we cripple ourselves with doubt. But why do we do it?

I’m sure you’ve heard of that saying when the student is ready the teacher will appear. Well, are you ready? I mean do you really want to know? If so the answers are here:

Here’s the secret reason why we doubt—because, as hard as doubting is, it’s still easier to doubt yourself than to try, to give it a shot, to swing for the fences with your dream.

To acknowledge the person you want to become and write it down.

To assign a number to that blank check life is handing you and then actually pursue it.

What to Do with Doubt

Doubt will always be in existence. You will find yourself doubting all the time. You will doubt those around you. The number one person you will continually doubt is yourself. This is the one you must learn to overcome immediately and daily.The way to overcome doubt is simple to understand but hard to execute. It takes daily practice, dedication, and intense concentration.Overcoming doubt involves engaging in practices that I would highly discourage in all other situations:

  • Delay the inevitable.
  • Put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

Doubt will always be with you. So why not put it off until tomorrow? Remember, we’re constantly guilty of overlooking the present and obsessing over a future we can’t predict.All we have is now. So next time doubt creeps in, don’t pretend it’s not there. Acknowledge it. Feel it. And then say this:

“Today I’ll choose to act. Tomorrow I can choose to doubt.”


Like anything this can be solved but its hard. When things get hard we kind of slide out the side door.Why, because we have other harder things to work but if we would just work on this our life would take on the changes we keep pursuing. Everyday I see so much greatness in people but see them doing the things that are literally killing them. I can tell them and maybe one 1 out of 20 believes me but I can’t tell myself these things and believe them. Start with one doubt you have and start facing it. Just one because when you show yourself you can make that doubt go away the others start falling in place.





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