Day 439 Must do Checklist for men

25 03 2014

Another week and another funeral. I’ve had three of my high school friends lose their fathers in the past two weeks. It’s a sad day for them and I hope they have forgiven them so that burden doesn’t stick with for a long time. I mentioned in the last blog how I listen to a lot of conversations and if you go back and listen to people how many times did you hear the following: Well it happened to me so you can deal with it. After being on the learning curve here is what I know: Just because it happened to you doesn’t mean we have to let it happen to someone else. Most  will say there is nothing I can do. Yes you can step up and say something. True most won’t listen but if you’re trying to live by example and turn your pain and experience into help is something we can do. I know many times when I was about to run into the wall at 110mph I wish someone would have reached it. We don’t have to save everyone we just start with one! 

On Facebook you can find any list to better yourself, I found this great one about a checklist for men: These are things our dads should have told us but maybe didn’t. I’ll highlight a few of the ones I think I really liked or missed in my life.

1. Go for women who you perceive to be out of your league: “You’ll surprise yourself”. It’s funny because the first thing your guy friends will do is tell you she’s out of your league because they don’t want you to get her and they wouldn’t ask. Nobody is out of your league and if she thinks she is it’s probably good she thinks that because then you won’t get messed up in her crap.

5. Never take her to a movie on a first date: What your telling her is that you’re trying to do something you want and you don’t have to talk to her.

10. Buy a plunger before you need a plunger. This is self-explanatory and the mess is worth a $3 plunger.

14. Call your parents every week. I talk to my mom everyday. Never know when you or they won’t be here.

17.  Compliment her shoes: My dad told me to do that and her hair. I promise it works.

24. Never lend anything you can’t afford to lose. I have seen friendships and family end over stuff that wasn’t returned. IF I give it to you sure I want it back but you must need it more than me.

28- Manliness  is not only being able to take care of yourself but care for others as well. Men were created to provide, lead and serve.

29- Go with the decision that makes for a good story-  It didn’t  make the best decision. If you know me I have some stories that people don’t believe  but I swear they are true. If you heard them sorry they made you uncomfortable or made you laugh so hard you peed your pants..

33- Don’t let the little head do the thinking for the big head. Thank God I changed this about myself. Good Lord I spent way to much time doing this one.

44 and 45 is what I’m working on now!

44. Do whatever you want to do in life but be the best at it. Enough said.

45. No one is  on their deathbed wishing they spent more time working. Enjoy your life. Maybe the hardest thing to train my brain.

45 tips-to-being-a-man




One response

25 03 2014
Pamela Beckford

#14 is true. I lost my mom unexpectedly two years ago. Couldn’t agree more.

#17 your dad is very wise 🙂

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