Day 409 I promise you this

24 02 2014

I got to start one of my purposes in life today. I got to speak my testimony with Rock Bottom Outreach! The group of people is amazing and real and I couldn’t  ask for more! It was very real received and I hope my words and being vulnerable will continue to let others not feel so isolated and  give them a sense of hope!

Besides me as anyone ever wondered what is in dog pee that would let a dog spend 2-3 minutes smelling it! It has to be magic. I honestly think my dog would sit all day and smell pee If I allowed her.  I have cleaned dog pee and I don’t get but I also don’t sit around and smell butts like dogs so I guess I just have to know I will never know the magic of dog pee.

I promise! The most wasted words in the English! says the definition of a promise is: A declaration assuring that one will or will not do something; a vow.  I hear people say I promise, all the time but never follow through. It has become as common as telling someone you I love you. It becomes habit and no meaning. I can say this with certainty that I have never broken a promise. I don’t you those words unless I m going to do what I said. My dad said that all you have is your word and if you promise something to someone you better die before you don’t follow through. I can remember twice in my life where my dad said I promise and he followed through. I have carried that through as well. I promised my kids last Spring Break we would go on a trip  and we did. I have another promise coming to them as well but want to make sure I can. If you know me and like me or don’t you don’t like me you know Im a man of my word. If I promise anyone something I will deliver it come hell or high water. Think about those words before you use them. If you want to break someone apart break a promise and you become hollow to that person. Break a promise to your kid and they will never forget it. Think before you speak and when you speak stand up and follow through. When they put you in that box 6 feet under all your “stuff”doesn’t go with you just the person you were. I promise that!




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