Day 404 Top 15 Most beautiful women for me to date

18 02 2014

A very busy day for my kids and I. My son screams out loud this morning at 4:10 that he couldn’t move. It was one of those blood curdling screams. I run into his room and he won’t move. I was freaked out and long story short he had a crick in his neck and he was worried he was broken so he didn’t move. I never went back to sleep. My ex also had neck fusion surgery and it really was freaking my daughter out. It went very well and I took our kids to see their mom this afternoon. Mom gets to go home tomorrow and the kids are happy.

I’m always so serious in my blogs so here is a break. These are the 15 most beautiful and datable women for me. I know this couldn’t happen, but if and I mean if it could happen here’s who I would date. Feel free to agree or disagree but its my blog so I get to type this!

Mila Kunis- Shes hot, Russian and did I mention she was hot

Rita Hayworth – The women from the old days were just gorgeous and so natural.

Marilyn Monroe- Beautiful and wild

Salema Hayek- I love Hispanic women and in the movies when she gets angry well

Kate Beckinsale= One of the prettiest women I have ever seen

Beyonce- Damn and those dance moves

Rachel McAdams- The All- American girl and gorgeous and the kind of women that you only know the best part of her

Halle Berry- She got me in the movie Boomerang and I haven’t stopped crushing on her.

Leighton Meester- Her hair and eyes! Those red heads are tough

Gabrielle Union – In a movie Bring it on abot Cheerleaders. Well I cheered for her!

Mia Hamm- My first sports girl love!

Irina Shayk- Russian model enough said

Eva Mendez- Hispanic, gorgeous and could look a hole in me and it would be okay!

Lynda Carter- Wonder woman and the first women that ever made my pants go crazy

Mellisa McCartney- Any women that funny is someone I would love to date!




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19 02 2014
Day 404 Top 15 Most beautiful women for me to date | My New Life

[…] Day 404 Top 15 Most beautiful women for me to date. […]

19 02 2014
Little Miss Menopause

Rita Hayworth WAS gorgeous. Ava Gardner too. I like you taking a break from the seriousness with a lighthearted post like this. Both are great….all about balance, eh?

19 02 2014

It’s a great break
I’m really funny to but nobody knows

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