Day 383 The other side of my bed

29 01 2014

This is true and I didn’t believe but I tried it many years ago. I had forgotten but it does work. If you feel your deodorant isn’t working you need to change it. Our bodies get used to our deodorant it doesn’t last as long then it stops working. I  changed the brand of my deodorant and man I smell great. i will go back in about 6 weeks to my other one but hello ladies that is me smelling awesome.

I write sometimes for me and sometimes I write so maybe you can get something out of it. not sure why Im writing this! I have never even thought about this but it may sound dumb but for the first time in my life I slept on the other side of the bed. I have had a California King bed since I was 21  now 38 and have always slept on “my side” of the bed. Sunday night I couldn’t sleep I was counting the ceiling fan blades as they went around, reading,  tossing and turning, and having a great conversation with myself. I got up and looked at myself in the mirror then came back and for the first time in my life I laid down on the other side of the bed. I swear it was like another life was laying there, memories flew back, good and bad and I felt engulfed in emotion.

That side of the bed is cold as you know but what was left there was tears, laughter, lonely thoughts, throwing my kids on the bed and playing but never had I tried to sleep there and that’s probably why. A bed made me feel that way. I could vividly remember conversations with my ex, and others before I was married. I felt like I was doing something wrong laying on that side of the bed.

Guess what I did stay and fell asleep it was definitely a weird feeling waking up that way, but my side didn’t feel so lonely when I did wake up. Not sure Im going to sleep “over there” again but I got to feel with the other side was about and it was something I needed to remember. I have no idea why I shared this but if you haven’t laid on the other side try it and see what happens!




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29 01 2014

Awesome post thanks for sharing. I haven’t been in your situation but your writing style paints a colorful imagery that helps other empathizes with your story.

I was thinking (which could be dangerous sometimes lol ). try this if you flip the mattress and rotate it clockwise until what’s now the foot of the bed is now the head you will be sleeping on the opposite side of your side of the mattress. Think about. At the very least it could help you transition into sleeping over the entire bed.

29 01 2014
Little Miss Menopause

Really happy you visited me on my blog so I could come find you here. I have been divorced twice and it’s a HUGE deal so please be kind to yourself and keep writing. You are really good. I am super glad you posted this one in particular because you just gave me a really good idea for a humor blog (sometimes all I can do is laugh at all the negative stuff but it’s gotten me thru this far) Anyhow, come say hi some more!
take care,
ps. your kids are really cute.

30 01 2014

Thank you so much! Please if it can make u laugh do it!
I appreciate u taking the time and pass my words along.

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