Day 363 So you can have a few regrets

8 01 2014

The first real week on the new year and people are not motivated! Its like people have eaten Thanksgiving dinner for every meal and the triptafan (not sure how to spell it) is kicking in. I was sitting Starbucks and people were ordering espresso like it was a glass of water. For those who know me  or read this blog you already know this. For those that don’t I’m weird and guess what it’s part of my greatness. Appreciate it and your weird too and that’s okay! It’s sad how I try to hide my weirdness. It’s what makes us unique use it please.

Saw a great post of Facebook today and I read through it and I would agree with the whole list.  It was 37 things you will regret when you old! They say don’t regret but sorry we do. I wanted to pick out of few but have attached the link so you can read the whole thing.

37 Things you’ll regret when old

2. Not learning another language.- You would think being in construction for 15 years and taking two years of spanish in high school I would know more. IF I was bi-lingual I would advanced further. All I know is all the bad words and some about construction terms. I still have time though!

6. Be scared to do things!- When I was younger I was idiot and would do anything. AS I got older I became and not sure why! I always hear older people talking about that the only thing they should have been afraid of is not having more chances to learn.

11. Not realizing I was beautiful or handsome.- I still struggle with it today but it’s so much better. Not every girl is going to like me. I’m not GQ but I’m close. We think we have to be some picture in  a magazine and it’s not true. We are all beautiful we just have to know it or nobody else will.

22. Not asking Grandparents or older people things before they died.- I was always in a hurry! Didn’t have time and in the past 4 years it has been a tremendous experience to know things that otherwise I could only read in books!  Once they’re gone all we has in ink on paper!

25. Not stopping to appreciate the moment- In this microwave society we are always in a hurry! Enough said!

31. Never taking a big risk (especially in love) I hope I have time to do this one or give myself the chance. Love is the strongest emotion we have and I want it again but its the riskiest thing I will ever do again.




One response

9 01 2014

No worries, I think you are the good kind of weird.

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