Day 333 I was the fat kid

8 12 2013

Well the ice hell did happen. 6 inches of snow and things went to a standstill. It got down to 17  and we had 3 days under freezing and school was canceled again tomorrow. Cabin fever sucks and I have it! Good lord how do people in the north do this all the time.

Growing up I was the fat kid! I was a cute fat kid but still fat. In second grade the class photo had 5 kids on the top, 5 on the bottom and 2 in the middle guess who was in the middle.  My second grade class knew I couldn’t outrun them so everyday at recess the following would happen: The would catch me on the playground, one girl would get behind my legs and they would push me over her then when I hit the ground they would tickle me until I peed my pants. I was to fat to get away. It happened so often that the teacher just started putting my chair in the back of the class away from the other kids because of the smell. I was so nice though I rarely fought back. I was aggressive in sports but in life as a kid I took it.  I was a very large kid tall too. You would think people would be scared, but to no avail not happening. In 6th grade I broke my femur in the growth plate and it stunted my growth really. By my freshman year in high school I was 6.4 on my left leg and right leg I was 6.1. I had a surgery to shorten my left leg. I was supposed to be 6.5 290 lbs. Im now 6.1.5 and 252. I weighed today what I did in 8th grade. So I was always big and I always got crap for it until 8th grade. See when you’re the fat kid two things happen mostly. You either continue to stay fat and get fatter or you get tired of it and start fighting the world, people or anything that gets in your way. Yes I know there are those folks that don’t fall in that category but mostly that is what happened. I promise by 10th grade if you called me fat or something else I would kick your arse or get you back in someway. I never had to worry about it much after that. I was the protector also for the kids that got bullied in any way especially that fat ones. Now after college since I played Noseguard in football I continued to get big and was at 370 lbs at age 20 but still I was a mean SOB if you messed with my weight.

So why do I say all of this: Wednesday at Target these two kids were being typical Ahole boys going into the toy isles and making fun of this fat little boy, and I got pissed. I watched them pick on this kid for at least 5 minutes and I say the fat little boys face and then I remembered how many times I felt that feeling of wanting to cry, get angry, fight, or runaway. When he got older how the girls just wanted to be his friend or just get a hug from him. I understand bullying better than most and because I knew what that little boy was feeling I stopped the two kids and told them the following. You better hope when this boy is older he doesn’t remember you and gets tired of the bullying. I was that kid and I kicked the crap out of punks like you. You better remember this day because the chances of him beating the snot out of you are good. Stop making fun of people because I promise you’re not as great as you think you are. They said nothing to me and ran off. I hoped their parents would find me and say something but no.   So yes what happens in our youth stays with us. Sad part most kids don’t get to be like and defend themselves. They wind up eating themselves out of a life. They never get to experience the good in people because they are waiting to be made fun of so they escape away from the world into what is comfortable for them. If you a parent bullying stops at home. Stop it now, it will save someones life.




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