Day 290 Sex and today

27 10 2013

I love my kids so much! As they both get older they know so much but can make adult jokes some times that I have to bite my tongue because they are so funny!  On Friday I posted this to my Facebook account and it’s how I feel every other Friday! Every other Friday I get to pickup my kids from school and get the opportunity to show them what a man and father should be until the next Friday when I take them back to their mom. Those Fridays and today are my Christmas! No matter what is ever said about me when I die they can put on my tombstone that he tried to be the best father any man could want to be.

If you have read my blog for anytime you would know that I mistreated sex more than most or at least in my opinion. Like most men we learn about sex through porn or some other Douche bag in a locker room. We divide and conquer and rarely do we truly care about who we are having sex with even if we have s girlfriend. We know the physical feeling it brings and that’s all we really can do at that age. Sad part is we carry that into marriage and even to women. If a women doesn’t have a strong father figure then she thinks that the way men treat her is normal. That she has to give him sex so he feels like a man and she feels loved but even after you have sex you still feel unloved and he still doesn’t feel like  a man!

Yesterday I was at the mall and overheard two girls   say I don’t like sex with him but I need him to love me. So I asked how old are you? One was 20, and one was 21. Rather than being creepy I just walked away.  I’m sure they wondered what the old man wanted but I thought did you hear what they said! 1. They needed him to love her! 2. They didn’t even like even like it!  I bet you would like to believe that those two girls were the minority but there not at all! Look at the stats: Read strong Fathers, Strong daughters by Meg Meeker. This has become an epidemic and yes women have their fault in this but we has men are failing women!  There are having sex with us (yes even older women) because they just want to feel loved. We are so shallow and simple that we can’t do anymore stick it and leave it! Get a group of men that are trying to just be douche bags and they will act like they don’t care , but when they leave that situation they feel just as shallow, hollow, and guilty as the women! Where does it start to change?

When men actually play the father to their daughters and let them know that the are the apple of there their eye, when they stop allowing other boys/men to be the emotional, and mental makeup for the girl/women.  If you’re not the male model for your daughter she will find it somewhere else and that is never good! Grab a hold of your son and let him know why you love him, why he is special, and that sex and sports is not what makes him a man. Problem is that most fathers have no idea how to pass that message along to their children because it was never passed to them. It took me getting a divorced and having no where to go but up to open my eyes. I know that the chances of my kids screwing up sexually are still great but they are better than the average because I know and I want them to have some meaning in their relationships so they have a fighting chance.

Put your head in the sand, ignore it, act like the guy writing the blog is an idiot and blowhard, say it won’t happen to you and after your child is married for the 3rd time and it never works out for them, but it’s always the other person fault. Then maybe you  will wake up and see that you still can start but if not your children still live in the pain of not being loved by the  earthly father that God gave them. It’s never to late to start!  We as men carry so much power and never use it! What we do you is the physical power or the power of intimidation or greed to show others and out children had great we are! The power of love will always win out over the others!





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