Day 283 Even when its not your fault

21 10 2013

We got to celebrate my mom’s 71st birthday this weekend. She is an amazing women tough, caring, loving, and a fighter. She doesn’t look her age at all and still puts up with my crap! I never could have asked for a better mom!

When I look back at my last two years I find myself still asking for forgiveness for past mistakes and messes I left behind. I always ask God for Mercy rather than Grace and today at church it was put into perspective. In its simplest form God already died for our sins so whatever prison, punishment, or hell that  we put ourselves through that even it was 10 minutes ago, year ago or 10 years ago he died on the cross and our sins are already been forgiven so its time to let go! What else needs to be said!

I remember growing up with my sister how contentious life could be at times. At times there was such animosity  among us.. Yet at other times we coexisted peacefully, enjoying each other, doing things together happily. At such times it was a joy to be a part of the family and our home. When God looks down on us as a  husband and wife, he sees two of his children living together. If they fight, he is not so much concerned with pointing out who is to blame as he is with healing the relationship and restoring peace to the home. Revealing who is at fault is not the first thing on God’s agenda and it shouldn’t be on ours, but usually is. He knows who did wrong-in most cases. it’s both partners and he’s willing to take the blame himself if allowed. because of the sacrifice for our sins, God can render the issue of which spouse bears the guilt null and void, from his perspective. And since his perspective is the only one that really matters, all that remains is for the couple to forgive one another and reconcile!

When you and your spouse argue, don’t get hung up of determining who’s at fault. Even if you know in your heart you were not to blame, don’t focus on what went wrong; do whatever you can to make things right.





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