Day 274 5 car funeral procession

10 10 2013

its official I have had enough of everyone talking about the government and which party did this and blah blah. Its sucks and has for a long time. I’m not sure what we can do except email our congress people and then see what happens.  If people put has much into doing about something they could control then they wouldn’t be worried about this crap in the first place. Also just because you watch the news doesn’t mean you know what you’re talking about. You sound like an idiot! Sorry there I go complaining about the people complaining!

I went home Tuesday to do an estimate and spent the day there. My town is a town of about 38K people and there are many small towns scattered all around. This one tiny town  had a funeral leaving the funeral home when I was pulling up so I paid my respects and pulled over. As soon as I pulled over it was over. 5 cars! Two from the funeral and three others. I begin to think I have never seen a funeral so small and got sad. I started questioning did they not have kids, friends, family, co workers etc..

Funerals are never for the dead they are for the living so the living can deal with the death. I was thinking are the people going to lay this person to rest embarrassed by the turnout. Are they just there because nobody else was there. Then I wanted to slap myself like what I was thinking mattered. What mattered is that someone who was loved is being laid to rest and they mattered. Yes mattered! Everyone that has graced this earth matters even though we may make that person out that they mattered. At one time they touched someones life and even though they didn’t know or maybe they did they were important.

So because my curiosity was getting the best of me I went to the cemetery.. I rolled down my windows and listened to the preacher. From what I heard I think the person outlived everyone. There were 5 people there and 6 if you count me in the car. It was so peaceful and no tears. All 5 people spoke and gave thanks for the person. Then they all hugged and it was over and they left.  I slowly drove out of the cemetery and as usual went into my deep thoughts.

Lets be honest while were alive if we died we would want lots of people to be at our funeral. We want stories about how the church was overflowing and their was standing room only. We want to know that we mattered. Most people go to a funeral to pay respects but did they really know them. You may not agree I also feel people go because they feel obligated, guilty, know they will see someone they haven’t in a while, or just wanting out of work. After Tuesday I want to matter and many times I feel I don’t or haven’t! I do know that there are 5 people who would be there and could speak great words about who I was and who I became and I’m okay with that. We all matter it’s just who we matter to that is important! It’s not about all the people we think we mattered to it’s the ones we know we mattered to.

It was just another lesson that my dad taught me: he raised his hand and said if you can have 5 people who matter and you can call them friend you’re a lucky man son! Lesson learned dad!




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