Day 266 Truth without Grace

29 09 2013

I love having my kids with me! We are a great little family! We all have our roles and we are all comedians in some sort of way. You can tell when a joke is coming and sometimes I wish I could prepare on what to say after it it’s issued? My kids were troopers this weekend! I had my first Rugby game of the year and about 5 minutes before the game a monsoon started. I bought them poncho’s to wear and they stayed in the car for about an hour and they came out and watched. They stayed amazingly clean. I got to play 65 minutes which is the longest I have played in three years. I’m so sore but it felt great and the Crossfit has helped me be in great shape. I just wish my body knew what to do with itself today.

In church today we tackled a tough subject which was abortion. Not many churches will be it needs to be done. Pastor Toby was talking about how the church and Christians will speak the truth on abortion but never shows grace. There is never condemnation in Christ. Sure I have heard that but never really felt that or lived it. So I drifted in church about my own life. Yes I know all about abortion and not finding grace but Im talking about my life in General.

Grace is: grace has been defined as “the love and mercy given to us by God because God desires us to have it, not because of anything we have done to earn it”,[1] “the condescension or benevolence shown by God toward the human race.

Okay I get the definition so here in the problem. I never saw grace used or knew what it was besides the Aunt in Christmas Vacation being named grace. The truth was always hit over my head by the Baptist, my parents, coaches and friends. Why would that be because that’s all anyone knew I guess. So guess what as a young adult and growing older adult all I ever knew was to speak the truth to you or at you and no matter how bad I hurt you I thought I was doing the same thing. When I got it done back to me I wondered why I could never be forgiven or just looked at Im a sinner. I didn’t even see the hell I was unleashing on others.  I was a sinner so were you but why were my sins different from yours or when it came to me why were my sins bigger. All I wanted ever was someone to say its okay I have been down a path not your path and Im not casting down on you I just want you to know that its okay and I love you! We have all done crap and bad crap to others and ourselves but we feel better when we think that well I have never done anything that bad.  A sin is a sin! There are no levels! I have probably committed about every sin out there not all but most and why did everyone want to be the first one to throw the stone or why did I want to stone myself.

I mean this I try to practice grace with the little knowledge I have about it. It’s so hard for me because I really don’t know if I’m doing is it right. I have to learn that only I can practice it and pray for it in return. No matter how truthful something is we can still offer grace in the truth. In the bible with the women at the well. he didn’t tell her that it was okay what she was doing but she said that now that they don’t condemn you neither do I. Wow you mean all of the other sinners had to drop their stone because they were sinners too. Jesus was honest but offered her grace. As I try to everyone as an equal and that we are all in the same boat there are those people who are so miserable that when they get the chance they will pounce and try to draw blood only though because they were never offered, seen or know what grace is. So the next time you put on your holier than now jeans, remember one day they will shrink and you will need that grace too.




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30 09 2013

God bless you

30 09 2013

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30 09 2013

I totally missed grace my whole life up until about 9 years ago. I’m not even saying they didn’t say it in the churches I grew up in but that is not what I heard! But truly….. Grace is where its at!

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