Day 247 So you feel like crap

10 09 2013

I made my first meatloaf today and it was Paleo so its healthy and good for me. I will be eating in an hour so wish me luck if not I hope you at least enjoy this blog.

I know we all have those days and today happened to be one of them. I did learn something that I guess I should have known a long time ago.  on Facebook and someone’s blog  I follow asked: What is your greatest weakness? Then it hit me and for the first time in my life it just came out. I believe in my fear! Not sure what in the heck I’m going to do with it but at least I know


This is not my work below it’s from Robert D Smith who wrote 20000 days and counting . I love his wit and honesty and today I need to hear his message. Please let me know your thoughts.


It is amazing to me that regardless of how I go to bed my hair is always messed up every morning. I go to bed with it looking good. I wake up with it looking bad.

What happened?

I’ve noticed my emotions work the same way. I go to bed happy, but sometimes I wake up sad.

Again—what happened?

Here’s the thing about feeling sad: Nobody does their best work when they’re sad. Actually, forget WORK—when you’re sad, sometimes it’s all you can do just to crawl out of bed.

You’re tired of the routine. Tired of feeling stuck. Tired of hearing “no.” Tired of getting another day older and feeling your dream slip further from your grasp.

I’ve been to that place where you go to bed crying and wake up vomiting. Since leaving, I’ve tried to visit as little as possible. But, as you know, it’s hard.

So what can you do about it?

The first thing you must believe is that you have 100% control over your emotions. It’s how you react to the emotion that counts, not the emotion itself. Emotions do not just happen; they are created. They are the product of all the ingredients that currently make up the still-baking cake that is your life.

And guess what? You can control those ingredients. This IS the really great news.

Every list of ingredients always has one that stands out above all others: the key ingredient. Without the key ingredient, the recipe is meaningless.

The key ingredient in any emotion is ACTION.

Act the way you want to feel. Remember what they always say about courage? It’s not the absence of fear—it’s just the willingness to act in spite of your fear.

If you need courage, act courageous. If you want to feel happy, smile. If you need more energy, act energetic. Do some jumping jacks. Dance like you’re on stage for Saturday night fever! Create how you want to be. It is within the power you’ve been given.

Yes, YOU have power.




2 responses

12 09 2013
Shellie Hairston

Great post & recommendation, Tyler. I needed to read this today….oh how I needed it. Last week I went thru some cancer biopsies…painfful & so unexpected….like a slap in the face. Waiting for the results have been torture. I was given the good news…its all negative. I was in shock all week, in a daze, and it was if I lost my faith. I didn’t even.pray!! I let the fear take over….learned some lessons @ myself. Anyway….I needed to read this……and take it seriously. I have the power how I feel. Hope you are well….shells

14 09 2013

It was great to read this post… so glad you recognised what WAS keeping your fear alive…. acceptance and living is now on the cards… you don’t have to do anything else… and the fear will get fed up being ignored and disappear… Have a great weekend… Barbara

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