Day 203 Homeless Church is humbling

30 07 2013

I spent Saturday and Sunday morning in Austin. I was feeling pretty down missed my buddy and didn’t want to come home. I was trying to get tot he Tattoo convention in downtown and there were all of these people at the end of 6th street. I’m always curious so I rolled down my window and said what was that. The guy said that’s the bums of Austin and the light turned green.  So I got a great parking spot on 6th street but that’s because it was 10:00am and I got out of the car and started walking over. The smell was pretty overwhelming if the wind caught your nose right. I really didn’t know what to do except walk and try to hide behind one of the pillars. This church takes place outside under 35 and has food, worship and homeless of all shapes, sizes, colors, and a few outsiders like me. When walking up I wanted to hide  because I didn’t know what to do, but also because I’m ashamed of myself for the way I always thought of homeless. I know they didn’t know my feelings from my past but I bet I wore it on my face. So trying to hide a black guy named Trey came up to me while I’m trying to hide and said I used to play Rugby (I had my Denton Rugby shirt on) he gave me the brother hug and I hug him. He was homeless I knew from the weather-beaten skin and tattered cloths but he was so friendly and outgoing. He said laughing did you get lost? I said no I’m just curious so he gave me the walk through and then said this is my normal on Sundays like yours. How did you know I go to church? He said you can see in your eyes you’re a good man and you walked over not knowing anyone. I didn’t know what to say except thank you and what do I do now? He introduced me to what looked like “Church people” who were leading the worship and about to be service.Katy who was probably my age welcomed me and asked was I there to help? I said no I was about to go to the convention center and I got curious what this was. She said it is what normal people call homeless church. I asked why here and how did you get so many to come. She said a lot pass out after leaving 6th street and it was a great place to bring the spirit of the Lord since all the people were already there. I bet there were 500 hundred homeless, some worshiping, some smoking cigarettes, some shooting the breeze, some ignoring, and some watching me. Katy had to sing but told me not to leave and she would be back. I listened and for the first time in a long time I heard the worship song without going through the motions and I was upset that I go every Sunday to church and just go through the motions. One of the really cool things is right after worship and before the message they passed the cup and money was put in the cup. Yes homeless people were putting money in the cup. They have nothing but still take what little they have pennies, quarters or dollars and stuffed the cup. I tithe but sometimes I complain to myself that maybe this time I won’t. Talk about being humbled!

Message starts and more people are paying attention the message was  about giving thanks! I wanted to leave right then. I knew I would get stared at but that was just my guilty conscience beating me up. The message started off with your alive so give thanks because you have a chance to live out what God wants from us! I swallowed hard because I was whining that I have to get up and go to work Monday. I could right forever about the message it was only 10 minutes but I heard the echo all day. Why do we stop giving thanks and just complain. I saw  the homeless and pity them at first but I’m sure many could see I needed the pity. Why pity me because I really don’t appreciate what I have Im sure they saw that.  Why someone got in the situation doesn’t matter but they are there and just in the 35 minutes I stood there I saw, felt more hope than I had in years. We were all alive and that means we can do what God wants us to still. I had to go three hours away and walk in a very unfamiliar scary place at first to hear what God was trying to say. I heard you now please help me to carry through.  One of my favorite bloggers posted this video from her blog about being down and out please watch and feel what the homeless man feels.

Feel this homeless man

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