Day 199 Habits are Cobwebs

26 07 2013

Watching life around you is sometimes breath-taking and at other times it is all out hell.  I have seen many amazing things the birth of both of my children, the life changing healing of the physical body of two friends,  I have seen a couple that actually beat each other in the church parking lot restore their marriage, and I have seen myself change from a destroyed, beaten little boy to the beginnings of a man who sees the world through non-judgmental glasses. Sure age wise I was a man but from a mental capacity I was still holding my blanket and wearing my diaper. The one thing that I continue to struggle with on many aspects is my old habits.

Habits are cobwebs at first but will become cables at last. I have tried very hard to remember that over the past two years, but still failing because of that stupid thing that I’m an imperfect human. We are what we repeatedly do. excellence, then,  is not an act but a habit. Habit can be good but mostly always care a negative stigma. Eating habits, who we date, how we date, money, health etc.. Knowing the habitual mind is over 1 million times more powerful than the conscious mid means we are stuck on autopilot. Think about how many things are on autopilot in our mind? Habits are ingrained through repeated action. One of my worst habits is eating when I’m stressed. There are times I find myself in the kitchen saying what in the heck  am I doing I’m not hungry but I have done this since I was about 10. I know now that everything in life can change but only we have the power to choose and power to change. We have to let go of old thinking and adopt a new mindset and that is the only way to change life our future is to erase the past ways.

Those who are great, I have made great. Those who are failures, I have made failures. You can run me for profit or run me for ruin.  I’m your servant. Who am I? I am your habit! They are those most powerful things that they we carry on a daily basis.

All I know to tell you is start with one: You may resist change or new ideas, you procrastinate, you waste too much time, your lazy. Whatever pick one and do the following:

Write it down, Accept it and own it. You have to decide this not someone else

Measure it- How often do you use it.

Visualize your change.

Finally remember this : You become what you think about! Earl Nightingale. If you don’t believe me start looking at how you see yourself and see if that’s not what you are.

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