Day 189 Lost in the world

16 07 2013

Sometimes a good burp fixes the day. I had one today and afterwards I laughed and felt better. I guess whatever it takes right! I highly recommend divorce care if you have been divorced or not married but in a long relationship. It works but so does the truth, I have never been slapped in the face with so much reality but I came out on the other side.

When you put yourself in a place to make changes you also get to see a lot of people like you. Some see the light and some never leave the darkness. The light is always there it’s within ourselves and we don’t know that.  I have a friend and will call her that, that still today sits in the darkness lost in the world. She reads my blog and sometimes reaches out, but mostly I never hear from her. She is so beautiful not just physically but inside. When we started counseling and divorce care I could relate to her and it was good to get a female perspective on divorce, but she sent me a long email last night and here are a few of the words: I’m so lost, I can’t find myself, I’m afraid of everything, nothing is easy,and life seems to only get harder.

Here is what I told her and what I had to tell myself. It’s not just crap but true words and it worked. There are words and aspirations that disappeared every day. I carried a heavy heart, I was so lost everyday ( I pretended well until I just gave up and became honest), I’m still afraid, and life is hard but then:

There is a spark and light in the dark that only you can find, you are so much stronger than you ever knew, there is really a silver lining, you made it this far and you are a fighter, what others do to tear us down is just fotter to fight harder, we really do bleed all the same, there are people who will stand beside you and help you fight the fear, there is never an easy way and finally sometimes the hardest and the right thing are the same.

There was more from a personal standpoint but if you can read this paragraph and follow it and believe it. Im walking proof that the most destroyed people can lift themselves up. Please try if anything try to prove me wrong.

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