Day 175 Tell me Im a good man

1 07 2013

Have had weird weekend so far. I had a blast Friday night at the Texas Rangers baseball game with my buddy. We got the 24 inch hotdog  called the Boomstick and Waffle Fry brisket nachos and shared those. I usually don’t eat like that but one night. Until we found out that in both items there are 7000 calories in both. Rangers won so it was worth it. I met a friend  yesterday and it was great to catchup stir a lot of emotions from past that I didn’t know I had. Last night hung out in Fort Worth one of the coolest cities in the US and watched the idiots get their drink on. Nice looking crowd if your single A college friend died on Cancer Friday and then I woke up on the sad side of the bed today and I’m trying to fight through that.

When I got home last night I caught the last 15 minutes of saving Private Ryan. One of the greatest War movies ever created. You can run the gamete of emotions in the movie but the last 5 minutes pull at you from every way. In the clip below it the last 2 minutes that made me think something I always want to hear.


Every man wants to hear: Tell me I’m a good man, Tell, me I lived a good life! You want to hear it from your father and your spouse. It’s the most powerful words that can be spoken over a man. There are very few times that we get to actually fell that way. I actually get chills listen to his words. On fathers day weekend when I went back to my dad’s grave I prayed I could hear his voice say those words and if could have been there he would have. When a man wants to hear tell me I’m a good man it entails the following: Was a great spiritual leader,Am I a good husband, provider, father, helper, do other man see me as an example of what to follow, Did I do all I could to change the world for the better, did I extend the helping hand when I got the opportunity, When it was time to rise to the occasion and nobody else wanted to I did, Are you proud of me, I never gave up, did I give the best of me first and not last.

It does not entail: Did I drink the most beer, did I throw the best parties, Did I turn my back on my spouse when she was unlovable, when my kids embarrassed me did I turn my back on them, when someone needed my help did I make excuses, when the heat gets turned up did I fall into the background.

If you get the chance to tell a man he is good please do it. Tell him he lived a good life. If you don’t think he has encourage him to do that he wants it more than anything. Sometimes he just doesn’t know how. Don’t give up on him!

I can’t wait to hear those words again, from my children (You were the best man and daddy) or when I get married again for my wife to look at me and say you are the best thing that ever happened to me, you’re a great man and have lived an amazing life!!



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