Day 168 Drop your type/sex

23 06 2013

Babies are back and are a hand full. Especially the one who could be Tyler Jr. I owe my mom such a huge apology for being such a butt as a child and then so cute. My son goes 100 mph and like today decided that he didn’t hear my say put your underwear in the dirty cloths, he said you said “you said to put them in the toilet and pee on them” I asked my would I say that? He said you do laundry! Oh well he made me laugh.

I learned and I’m learning that we all have a type of person that were drawn to and that is a horrible thing. yes a horrible thing and lets put one more on that makes you think  okay Tyler you have lost it. The person that you are physically attracted to the most run away from. I didn’t say you weren’t supposed to be physically attracted to just attracted to the most.

You hear someone say every guy or girl I date just doesn’t work out. I married this person and then got divorced and now Im someone else and they are just like my ex. (Clear my throat) now you’re the problem because what you are attracted to doesn’t work for you. You go after whats comfortable what  you always know and it fails you every time.

Let me give you my example: Tall, large boobs, fake, dark hair, needs me to take care of her (not enhance her) looks great in public, bitchy, looks flawless. That is what Im drawn to always have been and it has gotten me into trouble always. Now that type of person is not bad but it doesn’t work for me. Someone else could be blessed to have that but that’s my krptonite. What do you say it does. First all for me,  I see is the physical and usually don’t get past that, the fake part doesn’t allow me to see what happens when life happens, I want to take care of a women, but I want her to be independent and stand on her own feet. What if something happens to me I need that person to be confident enough in themselves to live a life without me. We should be great together or apart. There is a look of Im not approachable, don’t talk to me if you do come over and talk to me I will slap you. So I like that but that women is a killer to me. I need the opposite of those things but with a mixture of a little of each.

I hear women all the time say I only date Cowboys, athletes, nerds, drunks, guys I need to fix. So if you fit in one of those categories stop it. How has that worked for you. Try something different. When you have a type you have a “disease”

Guys, I need her to look like ABC, she to be built like this, I can’t date a lady who is a teacher,  a CEO, a manager,I can’t date a short girl, tall girl. Really how about we all look for physically attracted, honest even if its hurts, a beautiful smile, someone who will truly  accept you and not try to change you. When you get a type you always want to change that person to something that’s not your type. Are you seeing this?

Keep your mind open to someone and something new the best hing in your life could be right under your nose. If you don’t believe me the next time your out see what your attracted to and see if that’s what got you to this miserable place in a relationship.

Finally on the most physically attracted to: I have taken three relationship classes and each one said you have to be physically attracted but if you feel I must have that person and all you do is think of sex with that person then that’s all your relationship will be. When the sex dies down so does the relationship. I fought that for a while but what Im mostly physically attracted to has ALWAYS gotten me in trouble and ended in a mess. How do you know how crazy someone is if you’re having sex with them. You can’t all you see and feel is sex. You cover up what is most important. Don’t believe try it for yourself.

This is coming from a single guy that has had his heart-broken because I listen and see the wrong things.


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