Day 158 A few tips for men

13 06 2013

I have had a great week with my kids. I got an extra night and the time with them was so great.  Just a FYI to most people we aren’t nearly as good at things today as our youth. I used to be a great half-pipe skater. Well today I was feeling froggy and this kid had a skateboard. I could probably stop there but I tried a Ollie for the first time in probably 20 years and it looked more like an olay. Id didn’t fall but I did an adjustment to my body and mu body is not happy.

So after writing the other night it was pretty tame the response I got. A couple of people defense but that’s not bad. I just spoke the truth and sometimes it hurts. When it hurts that’s the tug from God we need to know that its time to work on ourselves. No matter if it was 90-10 on who was at fault in failed relationships your still at fault. My help with theses blogs came from Love and Respect with Dr. Emerson Eggerichs. Read the book.

I said the other night I wasn’t bashing women and I wasn’t. I will be a bit more harsh with men because I am one and I made every relationship mistake you could make. I did a lot of great things but you don’t want to hear those but you want to hear how do I get out of this crappy cycle.  “We easily see what is done to us, before we see what we are doing to our mate.” Men: Love your wife!! Always try to see what is in her deepest heart. Crappy thing she may not know but you keep looking and never give up on her. Chances are many men have given up on her don’t be that one.

If she fears you she is done with you. That might mean physically or mentally but she is done with you. It doesn’t matter what she says to you if your throw something at her, or threaten to hit her or always let her know your smarted and better she’s done. I don’t care how hot you think you are, how much money you make, how many people worship the ground you walk on, intimidate a women and you’re a coward and a giant P%^&Y. You may be able to hide behind closed doors and get away with it but you better hope you don’t have a daughter because guess what. She’s going to marry a sorry SOB like you when she gets older. It’s not what we say it what we do,.

Yes we need sex but remember when you were dating and you tried to romance her and show her how great you  were in bed. What happened to that. She’s older now and needs that a lot more than when she was 25. We also don’t look like we did when we were 25 and if she allows you to have sex be thankful that she respects you enough to do that. Romance her, spoil her, and tell her how great she is. Listen and listen and listen some more. You want to show her listen to her and the next day repeat it back to her.

She’s not mothering you she’s showing she cares because we are too ignorant to tell them what we want. Since women love they are trying to show us. Stop shutting down and start talking.

Finally theirs so much more I could talk about but this is a deal killer for women. Yes that chick is hot your mate knows it too, but don’t you dare take your eyes off of your mate. There is not a bigger disrespect to women. Do that with your boys! Remember you don’t look like you did when she met you either and she typically doesn’t look at other men in your presence. Show her that you care for her by keeping your eyes on “The Road”

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