Day 154 Things you may not know about me

9 06 2013

I had a great weekend with my kids.  My daughter and I had an daddy/daughter date going to the mall and eating dinner together. We walk into the mall and she asked can I hold your hand. It’s good to know at 11 she still loves like that. We shopped for girls stuff and dad stuff to. Mostly we talked I enjoy because I can actually have an adult conversation with her about a lot of things. I never appreciated my time with her alone until I got divorced so another great thing from divorce.

Today my daughter with my mom to spend a few days and my son get to spend guy time. One of his favorite things to do is say butt-hole because he can’t at any other time. So I allow but only during guy time. We also rented a baseball game for the PS3 and ate breakfast burritos together. We played the game together high 5 and farted like men do. When he laid down he said dad you’re the best. My heart melted and then he gave me his Brayden hug. Their awesome!

I got lost in my marriage, from who I was, what I like, I wrote poems, wrote 2 songs and stopped. One of my favorite things to do is drive. I like to drive anywhere. Thats where I find myself and where i want to go.I have made the drive from here to Los Angeles   three times and many find it boring but I found it amazing. Im a big fan of stopping in places that most won’t. I enjoy the smell. the history, but mostly the people. I can talk to a wall if it will crack back at me. I enjoy people and their stories. It’s not a great way to pickup women to go to a hole in the wall but you sure can appreciate it. In a lot of my travel driving I stop at truck stops. Some are scary but the people are amazing and the stories are even better. All the stories aren’t true but amazing all the less. I remember one story after stopping at the same truck stop three times and was invited to the table to listen. I was asked why do you think I drive a truck. I said honestly because you like to be alone and couldn’t do anything else. ( Yes I judged) He looked at me with tears in his eyes and said son I lost my wife and two daughters in a car wreck and I only wanted to be alone. I didn’t want to live and couldn’t commit suicide so I did what lonely people do and drove a truck. He has a cat named some patches and that’s go enough for him. I like seeing the real people of the world those who just don’t give a F%^K. They live life the way I can’t but for a few hrs I get to play that way. I like to watch those same people get high and wonder where they go because I have never been.

I love Southern California. It’s the only place in my life I have ever felt at peace. I like the weather, the laid back attitude and yes the women. I would move there  in a heart beat but wouldn’t ever give up my kids.

I like weird beer, I like music you don’t like. I like people with the sparkle in their eye. You may have no idea what I’m talking about sparkle but once you see it you will know. I like picking up pennies on the ground and aluminum cans.

I like to kiss (only women) it’s the most intimate  act two people can do and I’m really good at it.I like hugging people like they have never been hugged before. I like to change the stereotype that people have about me when they see me.I like the cut cactus apart and suck the water out them. I like the smell of fresh-cut grass but not when its wet because that reminds me of two a days.

I like to go to a place where nobody knows me and make friends with a total stranger. I like bagpipes, I love pretty feet, I like horses races, I like to people watch and see people smile. I like to watch an equalizer on a stereo to see when the voices get excited and when they get low. I like to stare at people and get caught then wink. It makes them think your weird which I am but I like to get a rise out of people. Maybe one day it will get me a date.

I have more but Im saving some of them for that someone special.




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