Day 80 Domestic Violence (You better not)

21 03 2013

I got my kids early last week for spring break and they missed their mom. Last night I gave them back to their mom. I hate what we have done to them, but their moms place is their home, their friends, and they love their mom so it was easy to let them go back. Now I have free time. Actually it’s time to do a lot of the things I don’t do when I’m being daddy.

Sometimes I find my life boring but sometimes I’m in the right or wrong place at that time. Yesterday was one of those days. I had pulled into a convenience store and these this man and female were yelling at each other and say some awful stuff. I was amazed that they didn’t care  that their were people all around. I walked in but sideways to be that person about to watch a train wreck happen. I went and got a drink set it on the counter and then I couldn’t believe what I saw. (Slap) the guy while in the car slapped the lady in the face. Immediately her nose started bleeding. I sat my drink down at the counter and started walking outside. By the time I got to the car door he had punched her 3 times. Her eyes were swelling and she was no bleeding out of her mouth and nose.

Lets stop for a second: There was around a 70-year-old lady filming what was going on her phone. She was pretty hysterical and yelling I called the cops. If you have read my blog from the past and I had a horrible anger problem. I fought a lot in high school and my early 20’s but I have hurt people pretty bad so I tried to stop fighting. Thank God rugby came along to help me deal with that.

Okay back to it: So I’m telling myself to be calm and not hurt the guy and just stop it before something bad happens. I open the door jerked him out by his shirt and slammed him to the concrete. I put my boot on his throat and told him if he moved his day would get a lot worse and I would seriously kick his ass. It had only taken the police about 30 seconds to get there. When they arrived they pulled up behind the care and told me to back away from the car and I did. The 70-year-old lady was yelling at the cop he’s not the bad guy he saved the lady. Leave him alone it’s that piece of shit there. I was asked to go stand by the front door. I knew I wasn’t in trouble but still I was nervous. The cop said first of all you didn’t have to do it and still good to see people who will do what is right. He  said most of the time people will video and watch while someone is getting hurt. He asked me about 10 questions and seriously that was about it. They were putting the lady on a stretcher she had bit through her lip and her nose was broken. I told her so sorry and left.

I say this to say this: Unless is trying to kill you there is never a reason to hit a women never. It’s a cowardly issue. I know that your spouse or significant other can enrage you but you as a man are responsible for the outcome of that situation. We are bigger, stronger, and we know better. If I see you hit a women I may go to jail bus I will not tolerate domestic abuse. I m not writing to brag or get hey great job. This happens daily and we hardly ever SEE IT but it’s there.  If you see it report it just help. Do the right thing, because if someone dies your conscience will live with you forever.




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