Day 12 I will finally brag

14 01 2013

Scott is gone but what a great time. He seems to have found a great women that is what he deserves and so does she. He got to spend some much-needed time with her. I hope in the future I find someone like that who makes him feel a way that I find hard to believe now.

I will do something I never do and I get in trouble for from my friends. I never give myself  credit or say anything nice about myself.. Well I m actually not going to but someone else did. I truly care for people. Nobody deserves to be treated in a bad way for any reason. Sometimes you tell people things and it Doesn’t go as planned but you still know it was said for a great reason. Here is what was said:

I wanted you to know that I’ve met some extraordinary human beings since my “divorce journey.”

There was a guy friend of mine, XXXX, who was my best friend.
He did something selfless for me like you did for me today.
We ultimately tried to have a romantic relationship and it didn’t work out.
We don’t talk anymore. I think that’s why I became so emotional today– I apologize.
I think it reminded me of all of the things I went thru with him and what you said really ‘hit me’.
I want you to know you are one of them, the extraordinary people, and how
valuable your friendship is to me. Thank you for being open and
honest with me today. I appreciate it more than you’ll ever know.
I pray that we can continue to be good friends, no matter where our “journeys” take us.
Love you,

I wouldn’t dare tell her name but I know today I am a good man.I sometimes have struggled to believe that with all that has went on. I will always believe honesty is the best policy and today it proved to be true again.




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