Day 11 Feelings and Smells

13 01 2013

A great weekend so far.  Marriage does a lot of things great and some not so good. It can cause you to lose touch with people who one day you wake up and never understand why. My friend Scott is in from Austin this. HE was my first college roommate and probably one of the closest people like me in my life. ( It’s not that bad) He has been there for many of the best and worst in my life. HE also was the only person who told me that he didn’t like the blonde or my ex and why. That’s what true friends do that tell what you don’t want to hear when you don’t want to hear it. The amazing thing is that I ve only seen him 3 times in 6 years and when we get together we don’t miss a beat. We are both different in much better ways. We have both been divorced and both enjoy being fathers. We can still raise hell if need be and then take the world on if need be.

I enjoy his friendship and the world is right when we are hanging out so this leads me to feelings and smells in your life. Like I said when Scott and I are hanging together I feel, peace and comfort which takes me back to that part of my life. When I smelled my dad’s Marlboro cigarette on Saturday mornings I knew it was time to get up and get ready to go to one of my sporting events. If I smelled bacon and eggs it was Sunday morning and we were all going to sit around the table and eat breakfast together. If I smell fresh-cut  wet grass I think of Two a days and want   to start throwing up right then. So we all have something that takes us back to a time in our lives good or bad. All 14 years I was married I only took my wedding band off to shower or lift weights. I sometimes take my thumb and rub it on my ring finger and I remember what I did wrong and why I m divorced. I can feel my mom’s hands and remember how hard her life has been, I see someone wearing oxygen on their nose and remember my dad’s last days. I can smell gun powder and remember the only time my dad and I went hunting.

So why do I bring it up. There are things in life that no matter how bad we want to remember or forget they will always stick with us. There all lessons and memories we should embrace. There will be that moment where you will be like what was that I know that feeling and smell and I hope you remember that’s a part of you that got you here today.

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