Day 6 Adaptation

8 01 2013

1st day of the Insanity workout down. It is hard but I can’t wait for the final results. I m going to look trim or trimmer lol

Have you ever tried to teach a four-year old to gargle. We bought kids Listerine and he wanted to gargle so bad all that happened is that he spit it on me and did the mouth is burning dance.I was laughing so hard that I slipped and fell in the bathroom floor and they thought that was the funniest thing of the day. It hurt but it was worth the laugh and at least my son’s breath doesn’t smell like his butt!!

Our networking group started this morning. It was a great group of people and you truly see who your friends are even after all the crap you put them through. I so look forward to the lives that will change, the businesses built and the friendships that this networking group will provide.

I saw a remodeling industry friend today after 20 months of not.  After the catchup and  that his wife was battling cancer for the 4 th time in 20 years he  asked how my life was. He had no idea I had gotten divorced. He said I looked amazing and that I had lost a lot of weight, I was smiling, He said a statement that I had heard at all since I started this process of getting a divorce. He said that I had under taken a major adaptation. I never really put it into those words. states that Adaptation as:

any alteration in the structure or function of an organism or any of its parts that results from natural selection and by which the organism becomes better fitted to survive and multiply in its environment.
There couldn’t be a better way to explain me than that. I spent a lot of the afternoon trying to think about all the things that changed in me. The whole caterpillar/butterfly thing is cool but I think more of the little boy/ to old man. Not that I m at the wisdom of the old man but I did adapt to that scared, hopeless little boy into a least having the wisdom to put down my childish and macho ways and trying to see things from a wise man’s perspective. Adaptation is a daily and weekly process. I only hope for you and myself that it doesn’t take the disaster and destruction in our lives to become the butterfly we are meant to be.

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