Day 116 What is darkness

16 12 2012

AS I had a very heart this weekend about the Connecticut Shooting it still makes me so heart-broken for the families that of last night because of forensics the parents still had not been able to see their children and they were laying in the classroom. I would absolutely lose it and get in some sort of trouble to make sure I held my child dead or not.

I think our pastor Toby Slough is one of the best in the country. He always preachers not only from his heart because of experience in his life. We scrapped our series today and he preached on the Connecticut tragedy. He brought up so many points they people are asking about in the country and I thought were worth talking about.  Could we at least bury these beautiful children before we start having agendas about guns and God.

Where was God in all of this? One question I Have heard many times in the past three days? Pastor Toby answered this with ” I don’t know” That’s the only answer we all should have because guess what were not God and we don’t know. God understands suffering he let his son die on the cross and get the crap beat out of him so he understands. Don’t you think the followers of Jesus where asking God what are you doing why did you let this happen? They didn’t get an answer and we won’t either.

He also brought up a topic about darkness. He stated ” Scientists have studied darkness and the only thing they can say that darkness is the absence of light. So when light hits darkness light always prevails. Darkness is in our country but is has nothing to do with guns, government, the White house or hell Facebook. It has to do with our country is broken and has turned away from the light (God) and started trying to find other means (darkness). The worst mass murders and horrible things in this country have happened in the past 10 years and guess what that’s when we took, God, prayer, etc. away from everything. Find another answer that can dispel this.

Darkness wants us to live in fear be afraid to go to the movies send our kids to school, walk into a bank building. Fear is crippling and if you hear people talk its start to cripple. Light always winds and guess what the best thing I heard today. If you’re a follower of Christ the Bible says we win!  Read Revelation we win we don’t lose. There is peace in that.

I m not sure why innocence has to be lost, I m not sure about anything except that one crazy human being took out the most innocent of society. The brokenes of one and I promise there are many more that are just waiting. I will not walk around afraid and you shouldn’t either. If you don’t believe in God it’s time. That doesn’t mean we won’t get gunned down, ran over, but I ‘ll take my chances.

Darkness never wins. Only the light!




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