Day 84 Last Day

13 11 2012

I m not sure what is worse getting the flu or having to talk to the IRS. I paid taxes in 2009 and for the 3rd time in two years I got a call asking why I haven’t paid and they are going to file a lien. I asked them after 5 minutes of explaining “Do you get paid to be stupid”. That comment was appreciated but I didn’t care. After talking to them and explaining everything they called me and said well it looks like we have this payment and we have contacted you many times. I said she and please don’t again. Our government is awesome. She is an awesome blogger. She had this in one of her blogs today and I couldn’t stop laughing:

about Teenagers
Teens need to learn who is boss. The best way to insure your teen abstains from sex is to make sure they are always nauseous This entails describing your sex life with their father in detail on a regular basis. Then warn them that if you ever suspect that they’re doing anything sexual – even heavy petting – you will make sure to have the loudest sex possible every time their friends come over to visit.

I have never been asked point-blank about my last day. I was at chick-fil-a working today and this man kept staring at me only thing I could think of was did  I flip him off in traffic and he hadn’t let go. Finally he came over to me and said you look really busy. I was like  crap the Jevoahs witness are at Chick Fil a to. (Sorry if your offended). He said can I sit down I said sure. ( I’m not sure why people feel like they can talk to me but it happens all the time). He introduced himself and said the bags under your eyes are pretty bad. At this point a 1000 things went through my mind. I thought I was about to get hit on, have to buy eye cream,  or get shot.

He said you work too much and your stressed. I said okay and I’m different from everybody because? He said you’re  one of the 98% of the failing of the world. Okay now I m getting upset. I said is there a point he said yes there is You’re a believer in God I know. I agreed. If today was your last day how did that go for you. I just sat there. I have never been called out like that. He asked what my day was all about and I told him. I felt very ashamed. He wasn’t meaning that to be how I felt just a realization.

I asked him why he approached me and he said you life has been hard and you look worn out. I told him I was tired but this is the best place I have ever been in and he said it can only get better. Said he has had cancer 5 times and it took him the 5th time to wake up and smell the roses. He said that he wants me to smell them now and don’t wait. So me I asked him; you  sit in Chick Fil A everyday and do this. No but whenever I can I do.. I never know the outcome but I do know I make people think. He said I was afraid to approach you at first because you could rip my head off but I saw the soft side in you and you need to live like its your last day. I thanked him and gave him a hug. I said does he know what that means he said only you can hear what you need.

I know God put that man into my life today. I sat at Chick Fil a after he left and prayed. Okay God I get it but I’m not hearing anything right now. All I did hear is that I hope one person can look at their day today and say if it was my last I have a lot of work to do. Well I have some listening to do and thank you God for giving me this day. I will try with your might to make tomorrow better.

Im also sorry I put God and the IRS in one blog.




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14 11 2012

The IRS has at least one department with brains and heart. When the courts failed me during my divorce, I found my only justice through the IRS when they granted me innocent spouse relief. I even wrote them a “thank you” letter.

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