Day 62 A Sparkle in our eyes

22 10 2012

Hello from beautiful Southlake Texas. We are back on for our new relationship class and I m looking forward to the lesson. We learned about kindness and actually doing something about it last time. I wonder why we all have such great ideas and never carry them through.

My truck decides this weekend that it needed some TLC the AC compressor went out, my ball joints and bushings are out and my passenger side window decided that it wasn’t going to roll down. So thank gosh for warranties. I know it’s cooler but when you have to roll the windows up to make a phone call I know what  a foot in a sock feels like now.

A sparkle in your eye do you remember that? I m not sure if it only comes with being youthful but I miss it. Saturday night at the bar I was being my usual flirty self and this beautiful lady comes to the bar and she has that sparkle in her eye. Yes I’m drawn to it. Okay yes she’s beautiful but there is something about that sparkle that you see that we are all drawn to. She was upbeat, funny, and just had a great demeanor. We are all drawn to it and sometimes I can’t put my finger on it. The only thing I know is that it seems to go away with age. I m not sure if it’s because we are all jaded to the world because of problems, family, money, relationships, fear or we just know or see too much.

I do see it in adults who are living out their passion in life but those are so few and far between. I know that she was 24 but from talking to her she had already had some of “THOSE”. Where did our sparkle go? Homecoming this past Friday was a perfect example. I saw people I hadn’t seen in years and it looked like time had taken the sparkle away.  Once it leaves does it go away? I m not looking for a generic answer, or if we turn to God. We know that being with God, becoming a christian is going to be hard. We know that there are going to be trails and crap is going to be hard is that why. Does life drag the sparkle out of us. I used to have the sparkle. I m not sure people are drawn to me at all anymore! I know people say you look better but  I never hear them say the sparkle is back in your eye.

I bounced this thought off of Jim today and he said that I should find her and ask her what causes her to have the sparkle and see if it is just youth.
I want my sparkle back I want people to be drawn to me and see me in the light. I want to see more people like that.

I went to see Here comes the Boom Here comes the Boom Movie Trailer        last night with Kevin James and Selma Hyack and besides Saturday with the young lady it was in the movie as well. He’s a teacher that has lost his passion in his job and in life. AS he tries to raise the money to save a teacher’s job and encourage his students he finds a purpose and passion. You actually see in the movies he has a sparkle in his eye. Yes it has a Hollywood ending but a great message that when you have a purpose maybe we do regain our sparkle.


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Day 61 Buck up

22 10 2012

Had an amazing weekend. It started Friday with one of the best football games I have ever seen. I went back for my high school homecoming and got to see a bunch of people who it had been years since I had seen. I also watched my high school being down by 18 points at halftime and to score in the final seconds to win 61-59. The resolve and belief in a high school kid is great.

Saturday I got tot do a little morning training, and got to see my kids at my daughters soccer game. She did amazing. She is one heck of a player. If I could get her to be a little more mean then she would be the complete package. I spent the majority with my Rugby buddies and had  few drinks. It was great to talk stories and laugh about some inappropriate things as well. Also met a great group of ladies that I got to entertain with my stupid jokes. It was great to get a different perspective on life as well from them.

My family spent the majority of today celebrating my mom’s 70th birthday. I got to get my kids which was great and they got to celebrate with my mom, sister, her boyfriend and my nephew. Through my divorce my family has become closer and I missed it for so long. I m going to see an evening movie and get back to the grind tomorrow.

The term buck up means quit being a wuss, weenie, and some other choice words. I got called out by my buddy Jim yesterday and I needed it. See when a friend that has put into  your life and knows you gives you advice or a kick in the ass listen to it. for the first time I didn’t get mad I needed to hear what he said. Buck up, get off your ass, stop feeling sorry for yourself. I have truly been feeling sorry for myself the past two weeks. There are stages in divorce like in death. You better make sure you don’t try to skip a step because if you do you fail. I m  man and I think I can shove pain or hurt under a rug and it will go away. I had some legitimate excuses but excuses are like aholes we all have them. I want to be on of the 2% right now I m one of the 98%. I have to buck up and that I will. I need accountability and I will get if I ask.

I read a lot from this website called the Art of Manliness. A lot of the articles are from the greatest generation. It the men who fought in WW2 and Vietnam. This article is about Getting Tough with Your Self. Getting Tough with Yourself

Heard a great message at Cross timbers Church this morning about faith. Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

Faith does hard things in life ‘s victories, Faith endures even in life’s disappointments. The worst is never the worst.

I know we all struggle with Faith. When we can see it we believe it. I can’t remember the last time though that when I worried about something it got better, but I still do it. God’s right!

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